Ornament Balls Christmas Tree

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How are you guys? If you are a regular follower of Khushi's World then you may remember that in 2015 I shared very easy DIY Christmas Tree using Beads. Don't remember!! Don't worry you can check HERE. In today's post I am sharing another DIY Christmas Tree but this time we are using Ornament Balls. I am using Red and Gold Ornament Balls along with Blue Gems, you can use any color of your choice. Just follow the method below to make, and you can totally customize it according to your wish. Let's see how to make our DIY Ornament Balls Christmas Tree!!!


Ornament Balls Christmas Tree | Christmas Special DIY

All you Need :-

  • 4-5 packets of Ornament Balls (small and medium size) (Using Red and Gold in color)
  • 1 Big size Ornament Ball (Red-Green in color)
  • 1 packet of Big Stone Gems (Blue color)
  • Thermocol Cone shape Stand (small size)
  • Glue Gun
  • 3-4 extra Glue Sticks
  • Santa Cap (very small in size) (Optional)

Making Process :-

Step 1. Remove all the hanging cap form the Ornament Balls.
Step 2. Place Thermocol Stand in a flat working surface. Don't use Paper as it gets stick to the Glue, I am using old chopping board.
Step 3. Start sticking Red Ornament Balls from the bottom of the Thermocol Stand using Glue Gun.
Step 4. Stick Golden Ornament Balls on the Thermocol Stand as the upper layer of Red.
Step 5. Keep sticking alternate Red and Golden Ornament Balls Layers until complete Thermocol is covered.
Step 6. You may still find little gaps between the Ornaments. Stick Small size red and golden balls to cover the gaps.
Step 7. I used Blue Gems to decorate even further while filling the gaps.
Step 8. At the top of the Thermocol Stand stick the Big Ornament Ball so that Santa Cap can be easily put on the Tree.
Your Beautiful Christmas Tree is ready. Add the Santa Cap on top to give a finished look.

Note :- 
- The big Ornament Ball is optional on the top. I used it because I wanted to put Santa Cap on top of the Tree. You can cover top even with the Red and Golden Ornament Balls too.
- You may have seen more Red on my Tree because I was short of Golden Balls. You can totally adjust it and plan accordingly.

Enjoy this Christmas by making a beautiful Christmas Tree of your own.  Please share your recreation pictures with us, will feature them on our Website or Instagram. For more such DIYs stay tuned with Khushi's World.
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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