How To Hold Cooking Book without Spoiling it | Hack

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In this world of YouTube and Cooking Websites also there are many people who like to follow their traditional recipes written in a cookbook to prepare delicious food. I remember our parents collect their recipe notes in a book so that anytime in the future they can use those to prepare the same recipe. With books there is one problem, it may get dirty as while preparing food we want to see the recipe details many times and every time we want to see we touch it with our hands having food. Over time the book may get spoiled if we do it regularly. Today's post is for saving your cookbook. Although in the market you get Wooden Stand for keeping Books in the Kitchen they are expensive. The Hack which I am sharing will not only save your money but also your cookbook.


How To Hold Cooking Book without Spoiling it | Hack

All You Need:-

Pants Hanger

How to Use:-

Hang the Pants Hanger in your kitchen cupboard and hold the book with this hanger. Yes, this is that simple.

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