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Today's post will interest girls who are going to get married or are newly married and planning for their Honeymoon. I am sure you must have planned for your honeymoon the same way you have planned for your wedding. We are providing our Must Haves For HoneyMoon which you should never miss. Lets match and crosscheck your list with this.

Must Haves For HoneyMoon

Makeup Products
Carry few Makeup products, as in Holidays we don't apply too much makeup. Take BB Cream, Tinted Lip Balm, Compact, Pinks & Reds Lipsticks, Mascara, Kajal, Bronzer or Cheek Stain.

Whether you go to Beach or Mountains, you will be out for the whole day. Thats why you need a good SPF. I personally love spray sunscreens as they are easy to apply.

Lip Balm
Tinted Lip Balms are great for Holidays. In early mornings if you don't want to apply lipsticks, use Tinted Lip Balms. They hydrate your lips & gives a little color too.

Carry water-proof Sindoor with you so it doesn't smudge & melt.

Carry a good cream based Cleanser with you which not only works as a Face Wash but also removes your makeup.

Makeup Wipes
Have good quality Makeup Wipes with you & make sure no matter how tired and lazy you feel at night, you always remove your makeup before bed.

Night Cream
After all day enjoying out, its a great idea to apply good hydrating night cream. Next day when you wake up you will have a glowing skin.

Dry Shampoo
Don't forget to take your Dry Shampoo with you for instant volume & oil free hair.

Flat Iron/ Curler
If you can't leave without your Hair Styling Tools, then carry a mini sized Flat Iron or Curler with you.  Don't carry big ones as they will take unnecessary space in your luggage. Make sure to carry your heat protection spray too. I personally have never taken Hair Styling Tools with me as in Holidays I don't want to waste too much time in getting ready.

For smelling good all day long carry a long lasting Perfume. For more feminine; use sweet & floral fragrances.

Watch / Bangles
Don't forget to carry your Big Stylish Watch with you or else wear Bangles as you should flaunt as a newly wedded.

Hand Bag
Carry a medium size Hand Bag or Backpack. Try to avoid big Bulky Bags as they get very heavy & eventually you will get tired.

You will roam around the city all day so no matter how much you love your Heels, carry Flats with you as they are very comfortable. There are so many Sandals which looks stylish & be comfortable at the same time.

Flaunt with a good pair of Sunglasses as you will take so many pictures & it will protect you from Sun.

Take a beautiful Hat with you for Stylish look & also protection from Sun.

For Capturing all the beautiful memories carry a good Camera & click a lot of pictures. :)

Lastly don't forget your daily & basic need items like Tooth Paste, Brush, Body Wash, Shampoo-Conditioner, Body Lotion. Just make sure to take travel sizes of those. Carrying full size bottles are just wastage of space. Also carry a small Nail Polish & remover pads.

I tried to cover all the Must Haves for Honeymoon. If you guys have some tips then do share with us. We worked very hard on this Bridal Series, I hope you found this series useful.
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This is your Honeymoon; the very first vacation with your Husband. You will get more chances of traveling with your Partner but Honeymoon will always be the special one. Don't just waste your time in getting ready too much or just clicking pictures or in stupid fights. Enjoy this time!! Talk, laugh, relax, go for walk, try new food, make your partner feel how important he is for you. Appreciate each other & fall in love.
Happy Honeymoon :)

Stay Special .. Be Bessed

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