Hack to get Natural Looking Brows | Makeup Hack #2

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I know how much we girls want to have a perfect looking eye brows. Everyone may or may not have the best natural Eye brows, what they wish for. But we have so many good Makeup Products from which we can achieve Perfect looking Brows. Today's post is a Makeup Hack for a Natural Looking Brows. So lets see how to do it!!!

Hack to get Natural Looking Brows | Makeup Hack

TIP :-
Instead of filling you eyebrow with the same color of your brows (with eyebrow pencil or powder), use one or two shade lighter. Like for Black Brows go with Brown or Granite shade. This will give you a Natural looking brows!!

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So next time try this Hack and let me know whether it works for you or not. If you know any Hacks do share with us in the comment section. For more such Hacks stay tuned with Khushi's World.
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