Brush Egg - Silicone Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool | Review

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In today's post I am Reviewing Brush Egg - Silicone Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool. Washing Makeup Brushes is such a big task, it's not only boring but the main problem is that it dries out the hands too much, plus sometimes it takes too much time and efforts. 7 months back I was searching for a solution to this; a good Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool but the problem was all the big-brand ones were too expensive so I started browsing some inexpensive ones. While browsing Amazon I came to find one Brush Cleaning Tool which was so inexpensive and pretty small in size, this is Brush Egg. Must say the tool is so easy to use and does its Job properly. I feel that it's a great tool for small brushes cleaning. Below is my full Review for Brush Egg - Silicone Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool.

Brush Egg - Silicone Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool | Review

Product Description :-

It Says :-
This is a handy tool for cleaning your cosmetic make-up brushes You will receive only ONE BrushEgg Size: Appx 7 cm (length)*5 cm(width)*3 cm(height) Small items to clean your brushes, the Brush Egg is petite and fits very nice over your fingers Durable silicone so it will last a long time Use it with a gentle shampoo or body wash. The opening is small, so it is better to hold the Brush Egg in the palm of your hand Available in 6 colors!

How I like to Use :-

The whole process of washing Brushes is same, only instead of using the palms use Brush Egg tool. You can either wear this on your fingers or even place it in the center of your palms.

Price :-

It costs me $2.99. I bought this online from Amazon. If you want to buy this you can click on the below link :-
Original Brushegg - Silicone Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool (Pink)

Pros :-

  • Very affordable and inexpensive.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Comes with two different patterns.
  • Easy to hold between fingers.
  • Does the Job.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Comes with 6 different color options.
  • Quality wise it's very good tool.
  • Better than using your own hands (skin).

Cons :-

1. Not for big size brushes.
2. As the space is little less that why takes little more time.

Would I recommend it ?

If you are not professional and don't have too many brushes specially oval brushes then this tool is great for you. Plus it's very inexpensive!!

Would I repurchase ?

I like to buy little bigger sized Brush Cleaning Tool. Plus this tool will last long for me.

Rating :-

I like to give it 4.6/5.
It does the Job easily!!

This is my full Review for Brush Egg - Silicone Cosmetic Make-up Brush Cleaning Tool.
Overall! It's a Great tool to wash your Brushes! For me it's the good one but not the best one!! I like to try little bigger sized Brush Cleaning Tool as I have little bigger sized brushes. I hope you people like my Review & get some idea. If you buy this Tool then do let me know your feedback with me.

Note :- This Review is not sponsored by anyone and its solely my personal opinion and experience.

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