Sabudana Thalipeeth | Vrat Special

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In our house, Vrat/Fasting means eating Sabudana(Sago) or Potato. These two are the most favorite choice for us. However, sometimes eating the same things gets boring. In today's post, I am gonna share one of the Recipe which I recently discovered and I & my family absolutely loved it. It is Sabudana Thalipeeth!! This dish is very filling and the best part is that it's not only Fast/Vrat special but also a Gluten-free dish. Sabudana is very famous in gluten-free diets. So next time whenever you are in a gluten-free diet do try this recipe. If in case of today you prepared all the ingredients for Sabudana khichdi then no worries. You can use all the same ingredients for Sabudana Thalipeeth. Without any delay let's see how to make it!!



  • 1 cup Sabudana (Overnight Soaked)
  • 1 big Boiled Potato
  • 1 tbsp Green Chilli (Sliced)
  • 2 tbsp Coriander (finely Chopped)
  • 2 tbsp Peanut (Roasted & Crushed)
  • Half tsp Roasted Jeera
  • Half tsp Red Chilli Powder
  • 1 tsp Salt (Salt to taste)
  • Oil
  • Plastic Sandwich Bag



Step 1. In a big bowl; add all the ingredients except Oil.
Step 2. Mix it properly until you get a dough-like mixture.
Step 3. Apply little oil on your hand & start making big balls from this mixture.
Step 4. Take a big Plastic Sandwich Bag or you can take any plastic wrap. Place this plastic bag on a flat working surface (I like to place this on my wooden chopping board).
Step 5. Apply little oil on top of the plastic sandwich bag.
Step 6. Place your mixture ball on top of the plastic sandwich bag. With the help of the fingers; start pressing this ball mixture until you get round shaped Thalipeeth like Roti (four to five inches diameter disk of medium thickness).
Step 7. In a Pan heat little oil & gently shift this Thalipeeth on your Pan. (Just gently flip the plastic Sandwich bag on Tawa). The mixture of this is little sticky that's why we are using a plastic sandwich bag.
Step 8. In medium Heat; cook thalipeeth on both the sides until it turns golden brown in color.
Your Sabudana Thalipeeth is ready. Served Hot with Curd.

We hope that you and your family will like this Recipe, in my family, everyone is loving Sabudana Thalipeeth. Even if you're not fasting you can make this Recipe in breakfast or even for dinner as it's pretty filling. You can also serve this with pickle, chutney or even with sabzi. Do try and let me know your feedback!! For more such  Recipes stay tuned with Khushi's World.
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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