D'FREE Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion with Anti Recurrence Formula | Review

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Some people have so beautiful hair but one thing that ruins that beauty is Dandruff. This problem is a common problem among many people. Even I am facing this problem from last 3 years. I tried some Anti Dandruff Shampoo too but it made my Dandruff problem more worst. 6 months before I was just strolling along the store looking for some products for Anti Dandruff & that time I saw one Anti Dandruff Lotion. It claims that it not only reduces dandruff but also prevents recurring.
I am talking about D’free Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion. Initially I thought whether to buy or not to buy as it's available in India & buying in US means you have to pay extra plus it takes 1-2 months to arrive. After lot of thinking I finally decided to go for this product as I got frustrated of Itchy Scalp and every single person wrote positive comment on site.
Below is my full Review for D’free Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion. I got this product 4 months before.
It comes in very bright blue-purple bottle with nozzle which makes the application very easy. You have to apply overnight and then wash it next day. First time when I tried this product it triggered me a headache as it has very strong smell. But then the next day when I washed my hair I noticed that my dandruff actually reduced. I started using this product regularly for at least three months. Whenever I applied this product it definitely reduced my dandruff but again after 3 days I got some dandruff. I feel that it does the same trick like homemade dandruff remedies does.
My husband also tried this product as he gets dry dandruff. For him also it worked but only temporarily.


D'FREE OverNight Anti Dandruff Lotion with Anti Recurrence Formula | Review

Product Description  :-

It says :-


The unique 3 Power Ingredients combination of ZPTO, Climbazole and Piroctone Olamine and clinically proven to flight dandruff causing micro-organisms. D’Free is a mild, non-greasy, non-staining formula with added goodness of Sebum Modulators and Aloe Vera to leave your Scalp healthy and soft.
  • Soothes irritated scalp immediately and stops itching with the first application.
  • It not only helps fight dandruff, but also helps in fighting recurrence of dandruff.
  • Unlike shampoos that hardly have seconds to work, D'Free is a leave on lotion that works overnight Features a breakthrough Anti Recurrence formula that combines 3 power ingredients, to help fight even stubborn dandruff Clinically proven results, feel the difference in just 2 uses Gentle, non sticky Dermatologically tested for safety. Not tested on animals.
  • It has a soothing fruity floral scent.
  • The formula contains the goodness of Lotus Seeds, Basil, Saffron and many more which cleanses skin efficiently, removing oil, dirt without being harsh.
  • It rinses quickly without leaving any slippery layer behind.

Using the Nozzle :

  • Twist anti clockwise to open.
  • Adjust the nozzle to dispense the required quantity.
  • Close the nozzle back after each use.

How to Apply :

  • Apply the lotion, at night all over the scalp.
  • Gently massage all over scalp.
  • Leave on for the night, wash off with a gentle shampoo/cleanser the next morning.

How to Use :

Use at-least twice a week, continue for 8 weeks for best results


About Packaging :-

It comes in bright blue-purple sleek bottle and green twist-up open cap with Nozzle tube which makes the application very convenient.

About Product :-

It's very liquid in texture, white in color and have very strong smell.

My Hair type and Scalp condition :-

My Hair is fine, flat in texture and have oily scalp. I don't have much dandruff but gets itchy scalp few times in a month. I am getting little dandruff from time to time because of that gets itchy scalp.

How I like to Use this product :-

In night time I apply this product all over my scalp specially the areas where there is more dandruff. After applying I comb my hair as we regularly do & sleep. It doesn't stain my pillow cover. In morning, I wash my hair with regular shampoo & conditioner.

Price-wise :-

It got this from Ebay in $10.39 which took around one and a half month to arrive. In India I guess its Rs.200/- for 100 ml (Price varies across sites).

Pros  :-

1. Better than anti dandruff shampoos.
2. Very convenient to use because of nozzle mouth.
3. Doesn't make scalp oily or greasy.
4. Reduces dandruff after use.
5. From Indian price point it's affordable.
6. Doesn't increases Hair Fall.
7. Don't make Hair dry & damaged like other anti dandruff shampoo.
8. Doesn’t stain pillows.
9. Easy to remove, even smell gets remove.
10. Enriched with ZPTO, Climbazole & Piroctone Olamine which helps to fight dandruff.
11. Travel friendly.

Cons  :-

1. Have very strong and uncomfortable smell. Makes my migraine worst.
2. Gives itchiness on scalp.
3. It contains Parabens.
4. Even after using this for weeks, dandruff still recurring.
5. Not worth to buy if you are living in USA as it cost to 3-4 times more & takes 1-2 months to arrived.
6. Product ran out quickly.

Would I recommend it?

Well not very sure, May be Yes!
People who are living in India give it a try specially if you feel lazy, It's Ok sort of product! Neither too Bad nor too Good!! But remember, if you have Migraine problem then may be you won't like the smell of this product. Yes it reduces Dandruff but it dandruff recurs.

Would I repurchase?

No not here!!
Not worth to buy in USA as it takes 2-3 months to arrived. Plus ran out so quickly. I feel that Home Remedies do the same trick for me.

Rating :-

I like to give it 3/5.
Smell is the issue for me otherwise it's OK sort of product. If you are very lazy and don't like to use Home Remedies then use this one.

This is my complete Review for D'FREE Anti Dandruff Lotion with Anti Recurrence Formula.
It's Ok product for me. I had very high expectation with this product as it took 1-2 months to come which was a long wait. If you people have dandruff then give it a try. Yes if you have Migraine problem may be you won't like smell or get headache.

I hope you people got some idea about this product. If you like this product then do share your experience with me. Also let me know if you want me to do any specific product Review.
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