February Favorites | 2017

Hello my beautiful friends!! 😊
Another month is over, I can't believe March is here. Time is passing like crazy!! Last month I did my January Favorites & got a good response from you people. Thank you so much!! This time I am doing my February Favorites.
In February, I didn't use much products as this month is already short & here in California the full month we had heavy Rains & Cold. Also being busy with Bridal Series and Valentine Series I didn't go out much but still have few favorites to talk about. Lets begin!!!!


February Favorites | 2017

1. Lipsticks :- 

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in shade Diva & All Fired Up

I don't have any Makeup Product for this month as I hardly went out & my skin is getting dry patches so I don't want to make it more worse. But as you all know when it comes to Make-Up I love Lipsticks & I have to include it. This month is all about Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in shade Diva & All Fired Up. I used to apply this very often last year but stopped using it this year. Last month when I did Review of them I realized how much I love these lipsticks & I started using them again. I already did a complete Review for this lipsticks. These are very creamy, very pigmented and long lasting. Few of my favorite lipsticks.

2. Nail Paints :- 

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in shade 316 Expresso

Most of the times I use either Pink or Red shades of Nail Polish. This month I decided to try some new color shades. I purchased a Nail Polish which is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in the shade 316 Expresso. This is very different shade, it is dark in color with the hint of brown. Luv Luv luv this shade. For me Sally Hansen is one of the best brand for Nail Polish. It's already a week but it hasn't chipped or got remove, very long lasting. Do try this shade!!

3. Face Cream :- 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Because of cold weather we constantly use Heater here. Due to constant use of heaters our skin gets very dry. This time my skin is not even getting drier, also I am getting flaky skin. I keep trying different creams for my face, it works for redness but nothing works for my dry patches. That's why I have again come to my all time favorite moisturizer cream that is the Body Shop Vitamin E Cream. From last 3 years I have used this cream frequently. This is very hydrating cream & doesn't make your skin oily. I already reviewed the product in my blog and you all know that how much I love this cream.

4. Facial Oil :- 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

I don't use facial oil as often but because of very dry weather I am getting dry patches. I tried using facial oil specially on my forehead. Before applying moisturizer cream I use this facial serum on my forehead, I do this step at night time. This is oil based serum, you can apply this oil without cream also on your face. But my skin gets flaky that's why I'm using both of them.

5. Lip Balm :- 

Maybelline Baby Lips in 25 Pink Punch

I love Maybelline Products specially their Lipsticks but I am not a very big fan of its Lip Balms. I only tried this one time four years back and I didn't like it. Three months back I got two lip balms from Maybelline but never used them. This month I ran out of lip balm and my lips gets chapped easily so I thought to give it to try. This is tinted lip balm and have a hint of pink. I reapply it in every two hours. I still love my Nivea Lip Balm more but this also does the work. I don't like it's color but yes it makes my lips soft. Does the work!!

6. Website :- 


Khushi's World!! He He!!! Yes! this month my website is my favorite one. We wrote & read so many posts and enjoyed a-lot. We did Bridal series & Valentine series! Absolutely enjoyed doing this and the best part is that you guys have loved it. Thank you so much for all your response & beautiful comments. We are always working in making our website more user friendly and adding quality content. We introduced some new tabs also. Absolutely enjoyed working on this through out the month.

7. Entertainment :- 

F.I.R Series

I was very busy in this month so didn't get a chance to watch any Series. Whenever I feel lonely I play TV so that I keep getting some voice & get the feeling that someone is around me. But TV Series are too long & consumes a lot of time. While working when I don't like to disturb myself I always end up watching those things which I already have watched before. F.I.R is my one of the favorite TV show which I used to watch when I was in India. This used to come in Sab tv Channel!! You can still find some episodes on YouTube! I already watched all the episodes but they still make me feel happy without disturbing my work . It's in hindi, comedy and light-hearted!

8. Book :- 

Mrs Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna

I bought few books from India & never got chance to read them. This year one of my resolution is to read more books. I recently started reading this book, this book is different from other books. It is more like comedy book, perfect if you want to relax your mind & yourself. Till date I read only 6 chapters, they are quite funny. Although this book is different from my taste, still overall I'm liking it.

9. Planner :-

I love using Planners but either I use very simple one or make it for myself. Last time when I visited TJ Maxx I saw this beautiful Pink Planner & fall in love with that. This Planner looks like a diary, very simple and elegant. You can even attach more pages as it has folders. Although it's having small space to write but I still absolutely love it.

10. Coffee :- 

Starbucks Mocha K Cup

I love coffee and have a coffee machine at my home. However I don't like very bitter & strong coffee that's why I always use either decaffeinated coffee or light roast Coffee. In California last month was all about Rains and Storms, this type of cozy days Coffees are must. Last month I tried Starbucks Mocha coffee, it's very light and tastes good.

11. Candy :- 

Hajmola Candy in Chulbuli Imli & Albela Aam

When I was kid I loved eating candies & one of my absolute favorite candy from that time is Hajmola Candy. It's not like any other regular sweet candy, it's having little spiciness. From last 2-3 months whenever I visit Indian Store I always buy these candies.

12. Glasses :- 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I am having Migraine!! My Eyes, Ears and Head pains a-lot specially when I use computer or phone more. In India I had glasses for headache but they were not so good & effective. Last month I visited Eye Doctor as my eyes were paining too much and she advised me to use Glasses specially designed to save Eyes from computer light. They have a special type of coating which protects your eyes from harsh blue light which we get from laptop, computer & phones. From last 20 days I'm using these glasses and I definitely feel lesser pain in my Eyes. Check out this type of glasses if you are using computers, cellphones and laptops very often.

13. Jewelry :- 

Ring by Forever21

I bought a beautiful ring from Forever 21. Simple design yet elegant. Not so pricey too. Forever 21 have lot of good accessories & I always love it. Next time you are going for shopping checkout their accessories collection.

14. PJs :- 

I have put on a lot of weight recently & doesn't get fit in my jeans and leggings that's why in daytime I like to wear my PJs. From a very long time I was looking for comfy and soft PJ's. Last month from Costco I got two PJs Sets which are super soft & beautiful at the same time. One of them is in Black Color with polka dots & lace detailing. And the other one is Pink & Grey shade with sprinkles & lace detailing. They are very soft, very comfy. If you're living in USA do check them out.

These are my February Favorites which I enjoyed throughout the month. I hope you people like this post, there are not many products but still thought to do this post. If you want me do any Review of the above mentioned products do let me know.
I hope March comes with a good weather & I get chance to enjoy little bit more outside. Do let me know which one is your favorite in the month of February.
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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