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Badam Halwa | Vrat Recipe

Hello my beautiful people :)
Almond (Badam) is one of the healthiest dry fruit. It contains lot of healthy fats, protein, fiber, magnesium and so many other good nutrients. It is also a good ingredient to make Vegan & Fast (Vrat) recipes.
Today in Khushi's World we are also preparing a sweet dish which is healthy, tasty & a Vrat Recipe. We are talking about Badam Halwa. Although I am giving a little twist here on the traditional Badam Halwa. Instead of making it a lengthy process we have tried to make it lot quicker.
For traditional Badam Halwa Almonds are soaked overnight and used without skin. However many a times people forget to soak it & next day there is no time left for it. Our recipe will fix all these worries which is why we are calling it as a Quick Badam Halwa.
Lets begin the recipe.

Quick Badam Halwa


Ingredients :-

  • 4 cup Sliced Almonds( Almonds Flakes )
  • 2 cup Granulated Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Milk (Vegans can use Almond Milk or Water)
  • 1 cup Ghee
  • 1/2 tsp Saffron
  • 1/2 tsp Cardamom Powder

Method  :-

Step 1. Take hot water in a big bowl & soak Almonds Flakes for 30 min.
Step 2. Add Saffron in luke warm milk & keep it aside.
Step 3. Take Grinder; add soaked Almonds & Saffron Milk. Make a thick paste.
Step 4. Take non stick pan; add 2 tbsp Ghee. Once it gets luke warm add Almonds Paste.
Step 5. On medium flame cook for 5 min & then add Sugar & 2 more tbsp Ghee.
Step 6. Keep stirring on medium flame & cook for 10-15 more minutes. Continuous Stirring is very important or else your Halwa will get burnt.
Step 7. Once the mixture gets thick, add the remaining Ghee & Cardomom Powder.
Step 8. Keep stirring it for 5-10 more minutes till Halwa begins to unstick with the Pan & Ghee will start coming out from the Halwa.
Your Halwa is ready. Garnish it with Sliced Almonds. Serve Hot.
You can even serve it in a different style. Use butter paper, cut it in small rectangular size. Put Halwa in between & fold it. Your new style Halwa is also ready.


Note :- You can make traditional Badam Halwa with the same process. You have to soak Almonds overnight or for atleast 6 hours & before grinding peel off the Almonds Skin. This Halwa can be stored in fridge for a week & if you are not using milk you can store it in room temperature for 4-5 days.

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