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Thicker Lashes | Makeup Hack #1

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Angeline Jolie & Aishwarya Rai are two of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood & Bollywood industry.  One more thing they both have in common; beautiful eyes. We girls are always looking for the ways to look good. Many of the girls however doesn't have naturally thick eye lashes. But don't you worry girls today I am sharing my hack for thicker Eye Lashes so that you don't need to go for false eye lashes every time.

Hack for thicker Lashes

TIP :-
First apply one coat of Mascara over your lashes then apply loose Powder all over your lashes with the help of fan brush or mascara brush. Now again apply two coats of Mascara. And Wolla!! ou are done.

You will instantly get a long & thicker looking lashes without the need of any fake lashes. This is the best way to look glamorous every time.

Note :- For Powder you can use any translucent powder but it better if you use a lighter color.

So do try this Hack and let me know how it comes out for you. You can contact me on my email or Facebook for any questions too.
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