8 Benefits of Walnuts

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Hope you are doing good and at the best of your health. If you have to choose one thing which should always be with you among Money and Health what will be your choice ? Preferably I will choose health in life. Believe it or not even the richest person if unhealthy has to suffer, however money can always be earned if you are at best of your health. To this note today's post will be related to health. I am going to share benefits of Walnuts for human body.
Walnuts is often not eaten by many people on the belief that walnuts has lot of fat and it will increase weight. It is true that walnuts contain 65% fats and most of its energy is because of this. But this fat is healthy fat and it doesn't contribute to your weight increase. Studies have shown that people having walnuts in their daily diet maintains their weight or lose weight . Apart from these there are so many advantages of walnuts. Some of which I am mentioning today :-

                 8 Benefits of Walnuts

1. Weight Management :- As mentioned before Walnuts helps to maintain weight and loose it also. It contains Omega -3 fatty acids, fiber and protein. Daily intake of walnuts in your diet will help you control your weight not increase it.

2. Heart Benefits :- Walnuts are the only nuts which has significant amount of ALA( Alpha- linolenic acid) . ALA is anti-inflammatory and also lowers bad cholesterol. It may also prevent pathological blood clots. Eating just 4 walnuts a day can improve your chances of healthy heart to 50% more.

3. Energetic and a great snack :- Walnuts give you energy as soon you eat them. They are very good option for snack as they are energy dense high calorie food. So next time have walnuts with you whenever you are going out to gain energy as needed.

4. Cancer Fighting Properties :- Walnuts helps to reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer. Many research studies have proved that it reduces upto 30-40% risk of cancer.

5. Good in Pregnancy :- Eating Walnuts during pregnancy can be beneficial for the brain development of the child. Not only the child but for mother also it is very good to have because of its vitamin B-complex groups.

6. Healthy Hair :- Walnuts consumed or used as oil can be very useful and healthier for hair. Walnut oil applied 2-3 times in  a week can help reduce dandruff & give healthier scalp.

7. Improve Sperm Quality :- According to the researches eating 2.5 oz of  walnuts regularly for atleast 12 weeks have proved to improve the quality of sperm in men. It is mainly related to the  omega-3 fatty acids present in walnuts.

8. Glowing Skin :- If you are entering into the middle age, eating walnuts can be very beneficial for you. Walnuts may provide glowing skin if eaten regularly.

I have mentioned some of the benefits of Walnuts here but there are so many other benefits of Walnuts also. Keep yourself healthy from today and start eating walnuts.

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