9 Monsoon Essentials For The Rainy Season

Hello, my lovely friends! 😍
Rains are not only drops of Water
It’s the love of Sky & Earth
They never meet each other
But sends love this way

Let's begin today with a lovely message on rains. Monsoon has its own charm, its own beauty & its
own love. I love monsoon because it is a beautiful time of the year. However, there are some monsoon essentials which if we have can make our monsoon more enjoyable.
Today I am sharing my list of monsoon essentials. So next time when going out in the monsoons do check the list once.

Monsoon Essentials - Khushi's World

Monsoon Essentials

1. Umbrella / Raincoat 

If you are going in the rains & not having an umbrella or raincoat then it is difficult to stay dry. Umbrellas are used since very old times however now the trend is changing. Black umbrellas are out of fashion & clear umbrellas are in. Also, different polka dots patterns are also in style. So next time when buying an umbrella lookout for something special.

2. Footwear  

Do not wear high heels in the rainy season. In case if it is a must to wear some heels go for slip-resistant sandals but try to keep the heels not more than 2 inches.  It is best to wear flip-flops, flats or crocs because they are made up of rubber & can dry easily.

3. Waterproof Makeup 

You don’t want to go out in the rains & see all your makeup getting smudged. Use waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliners & may even use a waterproof foundation. Use cream blush but keep it light & blend it well.

4. Sanitizer 

Monsoon brings a season of bacteria. Rains, mud & dust these things give the bacteria environment to grow. Thus it is essential to always have a sanitizer with yourself. You can get cute sanitizer bottles easily in the market. Remember health is wealth.

5. Tissues & Napkin 

First, keep an extra napkin with you always because it is much required in the monsoons. Also, mud, dust & rains harm your face & if you don’t want acne to ruin your beautiful face keep the face clean using the tissues. Sometimes while walking your footwear also throws some mud on yourself so these tissues get handy at that time.

6. Ziplock Bags 

You may not find it essential but believe me, it comes very handily during rains. These bags can be found in the shopping stores. During rains, these bags will help you to keep your important papers or other things dry.

7. Dark Scarf or Jacket 

 If you wearing light clothes then it is better to keep a dark scarf or a jacket with you. Many girls face the problem during rains when their inner wears reflect because of their lighter clothes. A dark scarf or a jacket will come handy at those times.

8. Hair Elastics 

During monsoons, your hair can get damaged because of the dust & mud. It is better not to let it open & keep it tied. Keep extra hair elastics or ties with you to avoid unnecessary damage to your hair.

9. Scents / Perfume 

No one wants to smell bad & especially during rains, it is always better to have good perfume with you. Be good & smell nice in this rains.

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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