Foods to Fight Cough and Cold!

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Rainy season provides a great relief after summer's scorching heat. Even animals, birds & plants welcome this season with all of us. Although we love the rainy season there are things which I don't like at this time. I am talking about cough, cold & fever viruses & bacteria which roams around everywhere like the bosses. Strong immunity is required to be healthy at this time otherwise you may end up catching cough & cold. Children going to school sometimes enjoy the cough if it helps them to take off from the school (Sick Leave). Revealing a secret today, I have also enjoyed it during my childhood.
We can always take medicines & syrups for cough & cold but why to take them if it can be cured naturally. I have prepared a list of food that can be eaten to cure & get relief from cough & cold.

Foods to Fight Cough and Cold!

Foods to Fight Cough and Cold!

1. Keep Hydrated

Many people have the wrong assumption that during the rainy season we don't need that much hydration for the body. However, it is not true. Especially when you are having cough & cold we need more hydration than normal. If you want speedy recovery of cough & cold to ensure you are having plenty of fluids. It helps to loosen mucus in your nose & relieve congestion. Water is definitely the best choice for the fluid. However, there are a lot of other drinks which you can take which I am sharing below.

Foods to Fight Cough and Cold!
More you drink water more healthy you will be

2. Soups 

Hot soups are helpful because of their steam which is good for your nose & throat. There are many soups which are very helpful during this time. Spinach soup, corn soup, tomato soup, Moong soup & garlic soup. Soups are a great way to keep yourself warm & strong during this season.

Foods to Fight Cough and Cold!
Soup is very healthy and tasty companion

3. Ginger

Ginger is one of the best ingredients for cough & cold relief. It has antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties which prevents cold & its symptoms. There are many things you can prepare from ginger, for instance, ginger tea & ginger ale. Ginger can also be used with honey & lemon to make herbal tea.

Foods to Fight Cough and Cold!
Ginger with a lot of hidden benefits

4. Garlic

Garlic apart from its anti-oxidants qualities contains the compound allicin which has great anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-fungal properties. One of the methods to use garlic is to take 4-5 cloves of little crushed garlic & eat it once or twice a day. You can also make juice out of it & mix it with lemon & tomato juice to have an effective herbal drink. Garlic can also be used in cooking.

Foods to Fight Cough and Cold!
Garlic a powerful medicine

5. Honey

Honey is also an important ingredient for cough & cold. You can take it with ginger, lemon or cinnamon or & make tea out of it. It came out of the research that children who take a dose of honey regularly get less cough.

Foods to Fight Cough and Cold!
Honey is way better than sugar for daily use

6. Lemon

Most home remedies for cold & cough are simple mixtures of lemon juice with other foods. For Sore Throat Slice a lemon, boil it in about 1 cup of water for 10 minutes. Cool the mixture remove the pulp, add 2 tbsp. glycerin and stir to mix. Wait for 10 minutes again & add 1 tbsp. honey. This mixture you can take it anytime you want relief from the sore throat.

Foods to Fight Cough and Cold!
Lemon is an all-rounder

7. Tulsi (Basil)

Tulsi is one of the gems of Ayurveda. It is said that chewing 2-3 leaves of tulsi every day can cure even cancer. Extracts of tulsi leaves are very good in curing cough & cold. I am sharing one of the recipes for using Tulsi. Take 7-8 leaves of Tulsi (Basil) plant along with 4-5 long (Cloves). Break the Cloves in small pieces and tear the tulsi leaves in small parts. Take a glass of water & put tulsi leaves & cloves in it now. Heat this mixture till it becomes half. Take the drink & add a pinch of black salt in it. You can take this drink in sips but don't let it get cold.

Foods to Fight Cough and Cold!
Since the very old age Tulsi is sacred & miraculous 

 Some foods to Avoid

There are some foods & drinks that should be avoided for keeping yourself safe from cough & cold. One thing here is that you can drink juices but try to avoid sugar in that. Also, caffeinated drinks should be avoided. Try to take food which is hot instead of cold.

Note :- The food I am sharing should be taken on your own consent & if the problem persists for a long time should seek medical advice.

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I hope the above tips might be helpful for you to keep your health in a good state. Be happy and be healthily enjoying the rainy season.
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