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Warm welcome to Khushi's World. Today we will see review of Eye Makeup Remover from Neutrogena range. We all love some type of makeup don't we. Some love lipstick & some love kajal. Indian girls love to use Kajal, I am not a very big fan of kajal but on special occasion I love to apply Mascara as my eye lashes are thin.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Review   

But the problem begins when we want to remove the makeup. By using Cleanser or Face Wash we can easily remove makeup from our face but removing eye makeup is a tough job atleast for me. I have tried several makeup removers in the past but either they were sticky on Eyes or caused irritation in Eyes.
After a long queue of products ,I bought Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.  From past 10 months I am using this Eye Makeup Remover.

Now I can confidently say that this is my Favorite Eye Makeup Remover. I love this product so much. It never Irritates my eyes & removes even a toughest mascara & liner with soft gentle rubbing on the eyes. It suits very well to my skin. Another advantage is I am not losing my Eye Lashes while removing mascara now.

How to use it  :-

First shake the bottle of Eye Makeup Remover so that it mixes very well. Now take a cotton pad & pour some solution onto cotton pad. Press this cotton pad into your eyes for 10-15 seconds & then gently wipe the eye makeup. Repeat the same process on the other eye too. Once your eyes are completely clean, wash your face with your face wash & apply moisturizer.

Pros :- 

1.  It doesn't irritate the eyes & safe for removing under eye makeup like Kajal.
2.  It's non-sticky.
3.  It's non-greasy.
4.  It removes every bit of makeup even waterproof makeup too.
5.  Even a small quantity is sufficient for you. Only one cotton pad is sufficient for both the eyes.
6.  It doesn't harm your Eye Lashes while removing makeup.

Cons  :-

Only one thing which I don't like about this product is its packaging . It comes with a wide mouth of bottle, if you don't take any precaution a ton of liquid can be wasted onto the cotton pads.

Would I recommend it ?

Yes definitely, I love this product.
I definitely buy this product again. This is my favorite Eye Makeup Remover. I can't tell how much I love this product. And Specially now I am not losing my Eye Lashes.

Would I repurchase ?

Yes definitely.
I am about to finish this bottle & will definitely buy a new one.

Rating  :-

I like to give it 5 / 5. :)  Best one.

This is my Review for Neutrogena : Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.
Note :-  This Review is not sponsored by anyone and its solely my personal opinion and experience.

I hope you like it. This works for me, let me know guys if you try this product. I love to read your reviews too. If you are going to buy this product, I wish u all the best. I wish this product will work for your skin too.  :)
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