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Lemon is full of Vitamins, its not only important for our Health but also adds a nice taste to our food. Lemon is an essential part of our daily diet. But we all face one problem with Lemons. Sometimes Lemons become dry & sometimes very hard. Even Squeezer doesn't help to get juice during that times. Here are the easy tips using which you can extract maximum juice from Lemon with less effort.

How to get maximum juice out of a Lemon

1. Roll it over the counter

Roll the Lemon over the counter top with the help of your hand. Apply a gentle pressure on it. This will help to break the membranes in the flesh of the lemon & gives you more juice.

2. Put it in a bowl of Hot water

Take a bowl with warm water & dip Lemon into it for 1-2 mins. Don't take boiling water. This process will soften the Lemon & extracts maximum juice.

3. Microwave the Lemon

Microwaving on high for 20-30 seconds helps the citrus juice flow. This is very useful specially when we take the lemon straight from the fridge. Wait for a minute to let it cool after microwaving before juicing.

4. Cut Lengthwise not Crosswise

Cutting the lemon lengthwise makes it easier to squeeze.The simple logic behind this is that the large amount of surface area exposes more of the pulp & more juice can be extracted easily than cutting it crosswise.

5. Use a fork

 Last but not the least, if all methods failed to extract juice and there is still hope that juice is remaining in the lemon use a fork. Twist the citrus segment using the fork and remaining bits of pulp can be extracted easily.

Try this Hacks and you will not waste any bit of juice of the Lemon from the next time!
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