THE BODY SHOP : Vitamin E Moisture Cream Review

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Warm welcome to Khushi's World. In Khushi World you will find reviews of many good skincare products but this product is my absolute favorite. Today we are reviewing Vitamin E Moisture Cream from The Body Shop range.

THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Moisture Cream Review


Last year in Mid of November I came to US from India. The drastic change of weather & lifestyle started giving me Breakout & dryness in my skin. Due to Hormonal changes & medications, I started suffering from Skin, Hair & Body problems. My Skin was Normal & sometimes sensitive. In my entire life I was stick with only 4 creams for face.  Normally I don't like to change my Creams.  But I was not able to find those creams here that's why I started trying new creams every month. Trust me guys within one year I tried so many quantities of products which I didn't use in my whole life :)
One day I went to The Body Shop brand. In India also I have been there but because of High Range I never bought any product.  I already heard so many good things about The Body Shop Products so this time I decided to buy some stuff from there.
I bought some products & the Vitamin E Moisture Cream was one of them.I started using this cream in last year Winters, no wonders it has become my Favorite since then. It suits very well to my skin.
I love using this cream. Its Light Weight, very Hydrating & Absorbs well. Its never greasy. The hydration lasts all day & night. It has nice texture & has very light fragrance. Very less quantity works well & reduce dryness.

Overall this is an excellent Cream / Moisturizer.


My Skin Type  :-

Normal to Dry except nose & sometimes it gets Sensitive.

How to use it  :-

Apply this cream to your Face & Neck after cleansing, If you are using toner, apply after it. Use your fingertips & massage gently. You can apply this cream in your Day & Night both the times. If you are using this in your Day time don't forget to use sunscreen as it doesn't contain SPF.



Pros :-

1.  Its Light weight & nice in texture. Blend very well to my Skin.
2.  Its very hydrating, for 6-7 hour you won't need to reapply. If you apply in the Night, it will give you soft skin even in the Morning.
3.  It reduces Dry patches & gives soft, smooth skin.
4.  It absorbs very quickly, you won't need to rub hard. It doesn't make your face greasy or oily.
5.  It has very light fragrance. I love products with light fragrance, so for me its perfect.
6.  Its a great cream for Normal to Dry skin. In Winters I use this in my Day & Night ,both the times but In Summers I like to use this in the Night Time. For Oily Skin people I am not very sure about throughout the year, But I recommend you to use this in winter time because its light weight.

Cons :-

1.  The packaging is a little conventional as a small jar with a screw top lid. It would have been better if its a pump or a squeeze bottle because it's easier to measure out the product.
2.  Of course the Price range is on higher side but for me its totally worth it.
3.  Not for summer days. It works for me in Summer but not for Day Time.
4.  It has light fragrance. Although I like it, but if you don't like the fragrance or you have very sensitive skin you might don't like the product.




Would I recommend it ?

Yes definitely, I love this product.

From The Body Shop skin care products this one is my Favorite product. I love love love this, it reduces the dullness from my skin. I have been trying so many products from the last year but I always come back with this one.

Would I repurchase ?

Yes definitely, I already did.
This time I bought the travel pack as now Winters have started and thus I can keep this in my Hand bag & whenever I need I can apply.

Rating  :-

I like to give it 5 / 5. :

This is my Review for The Body Shop : Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

Note :-  This Review is not sponsored by anyone and its solely my personal opinion and experience.

I hope you like it. This works for me, let me know guys if you try this product. I love to read your reviews too.
If you are going to buy this product, I wish u all the best. I wish this product will work for your skin too.  :)
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