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Chain Bracelet

Hi my lovely friends !!
I had lots of big beads at home & I was thinking what to do with them.I was going to the market & saw chain bracelets which were very expensive. That bracelet have same beads that i already had with me. I thought why not utilize the chain to make something expensive looking item and beautiful too.
Finally in a craft shop I found chains which are used in this type of expensive chain bracelets. This is how I made my own bracelet chain. Do check this out. This only takes 1 min.

2 min Chain Bracelet


All you Need  :-

  • Beads (I am using some old  & some new ones)
  • Chain Bracelet (I am using Mix & Mingle Chain which comes with lock)


Making Process  :-

  • Just open a bracelet lock & add all the beads. Your bracelet is ready.  :)  So quick :)


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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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