5 Productive Tips While Working From Home !!

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Who might have thought when 2020 started, a pandemic will shake the whole world. To stop the spread and for the safety of the employees many companies have asked their employees to Work From Home. Some of you might be doing it from the past 2 months, some even more.
At first, it looks favorable to many, after all, who doesn't want to work at the comfort of their own home, no long commutes, and traffic and flexible routine. However every shining object is not gold. Work From Home is a new reality but without setting some rules for the game, you will lose focus and productivity.
As you know I am a FullTime Blogger and working from home since 2014 and have a pretty good experience working from home productively. In today's article I am sharing my top 5 Productive Tips While Working From Home (WFH). I hope these will be useful for you guys too!!

5 Productive Tips While Working From Home !!

Tips To Stay Productive While Working From Home !!

1. Set a dedicated Work Space Area!
Having a dedicated Work Space Area is the most crucial part of WFH. When we go outside for Work, we have a place where we work, we have a dedicated desk and a chair. But when we start working from home, we make our couch and bed as our work desk. This might feel comfortable but it makes you less productive. Set aside a dedicated Work Space Area in your home, the same way you have a place dedicated in the office. This will make you more focused and your mind will be trained to start working productively whenever you sit in this area.

2. Have proper Tools for Work! 
Work From Home is the new reality of the world. With popular companies like Twitter, Facebook and many more giving forever Work From Home options to employees, we should have our home place optimized for office work. After setting a dedicated Work Space Area, think about having all the right tools for your work. You might have heard that having an Axe to cut the wood is not enough, you have to keep sharpening it too. Have a very good internet connection, a comfortable chair, proper desk, water bottle, notepad, pens, and any other stuff which will help you to focus on your work productively.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Distractions!
Working from home has its own advantages and disadvantages. To be productive it is very important that you do not get distracted while working. WFH is challenging but it is also the new life going forward. Try to remove or set boundaries on things that might distract you, it may be your social media notifications on your phone, might be TV series going on in another room, or maybe a family member or your kids coming to you while you are attending a video call. Let yourself and your family members know what is your working hours and be productive in those hours.

4. Take Little Breaks!
Do you miss the small breaks you used to take in the office? It might be a small walk, a coffee or just talking to your neighbor colleague. At home also you should stretch out a little, take a small walk, and a coffee break in between. Remember not to overdo it, try to maintain a healthy atmosphere for yourself. You should enjoy working from home the same way you used to enjoy it in the office.

5. Maintain a Work-Life Balance! 
Just because you are working from home doesn't mean that you have to keep working the whole day.
It is very easy to mix work and personal life when you are at home. Try to avoid this. Set aside dedicated working hours and after that you should come out of your workstation. Remember you also have to spend time with your family. Enjoy Evening with them like you used to do in the old days.
Maintain a healthy work-life balance, this way you can follow this new routine productively for a long time.

Try to follow these 5 simple steps of WFH Productively and let me know your feedback. If you have any tips on this topic then write it in the comments section.
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