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'Sharing is Caring', Have you heard this phrase ?? Well! what if I say you that sometimes not sharing is the best policy you can follow. Oh Yes! you heard me right. In today's post, I am sharing my tips where I will let you know the 5 Makeup Products You Should Never Share With Anyone. Although I have a long list, today I decided to share my top 5 products which I never share with anyone and advise people not to share. Let's see the list!


5 Makeup Products You Should Never Share With Anyone!

1. Mascara -

Although Mascara gives you beautiful voluminous Lashes, but do you know that it attracts tons of bacteria every time you use. It is one of the smallest shelf life products in the makeup product industries. Usually, its shelf life is between 3 to 6 months. While using Mascara each time when you pull and push the wand, air goes inside the tube, on top of it we directly use the wand on our lashes and then the wand goes inside the tube. This whole process attracts too many bacteria, that's why you should never, means never share your mascara with anyone. Sharing mascara with others only attracts more bacteria, and there are high chances of getting an eye infection. Next time ladies never share your Mascara with anyone, even with your BFF or Sisters.

2. Lipsticks -

For me, Lipsticks are my favorite makeup products. It gives bold and beautiful lips instantly. But do you notice how we use Lipsticks? We open lipstick, then apply bullet directly on our lips, then close the lipstick. Every time we use our lipstick, a bullet touches our skin directly. If you share someone else lipstick then the bullet they use everyday gonna touch to your lips. This is so unhygienic. Our lips get chapped, dry, flaky and sometimes bleed, because of all these the lipstick bullets get tons of germs and bacteria which we can't see with our naked eyes.

3. Lip Glosses -

When was the last time you washed Lip Gloss wand? I guess never. Every time you use it, you apply directly on your lips and then directly putting inside of your lip gloss mixture. Just imagine how much bacteria gather all-around your lip-gloss wand. Imagine now you share your lip-gloss to others or you used someone's else lip-gloss. How much bacteria you will get onto your lips. With the same lips now you eat or drink something, all the bacterias go inside your body. This whole lip-gloss story seems a horror story, right. To avoid this, remember never share your lip-gloss with anyone. After Mascara, this is one thing that you should never ever share with anyone.

4. Concealers -

If you are using Concealers which are in the tubes, then they are more hygienic and you can let your friend try the product. But if your concealer is in the tub or having a wand, then never share your Concealer with anyone. From the tub, we usually apply either with fingers or with a brush, thus Concealer gets germs easily. The concealers which having Wand are riskier, we touch wand directly on our skin and always reuse it again and again. To avoid any infection stay away with other's people concealer and don't share with anyone.

5. Makeup Brushes and Sponges -

Did you notice that in Sephora, Ulta or MAC whenever you want to try any makeup, the salesperson clean Makeup Brushes with a solution and then they apply it on your face? They also have extra Mascara Wand, Lip-gloss Wand, and Rubbing Alcohol, so that if a person needs to apply any product they use separate makeup brushes tools. You should keep cleaning your Makeup Brushes at least once a week and sponges regularly. After using Makeup Brushes and Sponges, they already have a buildable product, and sharing this with others means passing dirt and germs here and there, very unhygienic. Never share your brushes and sponges with anyone. Keep them nice and clean for good makeup and good skin.

Remember -

1. The basic rule of sharing Makeup Products is simple, everything which gonna touch your skin and the product directly is not ideal to share with everyone.
2. If you feel that Makeup Artist does share the Makeup, first they always sanitize their makeup after every use, they always use clean brushes to apply makeup and they avoid using the same Wand which comes with Mascara or Glosses.
3. I am not a cosmetologist, this is everything that I learned from the books and the experience. I do follow all these tips personally on my day to day life and it works very well for me.

We all unintentionally attract so many bacteria in our day to day life. It's time to gets little awareness while applying our Makeup. Makeup is meant to be some fun with colors, keep playing, just remember these small details and stay away from infections. Good Luck!

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