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Hello, my beautiful people!!😍
Christmas Tree is all about lights and Ornaments. People love collecting Ornaments every year and preserve them as their memories. This is my 4th year when I am decorating Christmas Tree, usually, I buy all the Ornaments from the Market but this time thought to make some by myself. I want to make something very easy which doesn't take much time as Christmas is almost here.
In today's post, we are making Feather Ornament!! It's very very easy, takes only 2 mins and looks different and cute. I hope you people enjoy this DIY.

Feather Ornament | DIY 

All you Need -

  • Feathers (different colors)
  • Clear Ornament (medium size)

Making Process -

Step 1. Remove the silver Cap from the Ornament.
Step 2. Take Feather and one by one put these inside the Ornament.
Step 3. Insert 4-5 feathers, you can use Pen to insert them.
Step 4. Close the cap carefully.
Your DIY Feather Ornament is ready!! In my Ornament, they already came with thread to hang, if you don't have then use ribbon and hang this on Christmas Tree.

Precaution - Some Ornaments have wire inside the cap so remove it carefully. Under 12 age please take help from your parents.

Make as many as you like, you can even use the same colors of feathers and make them in Red, Yellow and Green colors. This DIY is extremely easy and literally takes 2 mins. I hope you like this DIY, if you try them then don't forget to share your recreations with me. For more such easy DIYs stay tuned with us.
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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