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When it comes to School and Office supplies, binder clips come super handy. Today we gonna do super-duper easy DIY where you can give a new look to the plain boring clips. We are making Wiggly Eyes Binder Clips. I am using Large Binder Clips to not only clip tons of papers but also decorate some picture on top of my desk with the help of Binder Clips. Let's make it!


Wiggly Eyes Binder Clips | DIY

All You Need -

  • Large Binder Clips
  • Big Adhesive Wiggly Eyes
  • Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint (Optional)
  • Paint Brush (Optional)


Making Process -

Step 1. If you find colorful Binder Clips then skip the painting. Otherwise, paint the body of the Clips with your favorite colors. Apply two coats and then dry these overnight.
Step 2. I am using Colorful Binder Clips, that's why skipping the first step.
Step 3. Stick two Adhesive Wiggly Eyes on the center of your Binder Clips.
That's it! You cute Wiggly Eyes Binder Clips are ready to use.

Tips -
1. If you don't find Adhesive Wiggly Eyes, use regular Wiggly Eyes and stick these with the help of a Glue Gun.
2. Try to find out Colorful Binder Clips, that's gonna be more easy and quick DIY.


I hope you like this crazy easy DIY. Do try this & don't forget to share your recreations with me. Also, please like and share the Post. 😚
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