Halloween Inspired Journal | Halloween Special DIY

Hello, my beautiful people! 😍
If you remember, a few months back I made 3D-Sticker Journal for Back To School and you people loved it so much. I got a few questions that can we make any other Journal with the same process and the answer is Of course Yes!!
In today's post, we are making Halloween Inspired Journal which only takes 2 minutes to make. Extreme easy, perfect to give as a gift, perfect for kid's activity and goes with Halloween Theme!!
I don't have a Kid still I enjoyed making this DIY because it makes my Office Desk looks so festive and decorative! Let's see what we need to make this DIY!


Halloween Inspired Journal | Halloween Special

All You Need -

  • Plain Journal (It will we great if you use theme based color like black, purple, silver or orange)
  • Puffy Halloween Stickers

Making Process -

Step 1. Decide where you want to stick the Stickers. Place the Stickers on the Journal to get an idea of how it will look.
Step 2. Once you confirm, just stick the Puffy Halloween Stickers randomly all over the Journal. Don't forget to mismatch the Colors!!
That's it, your pretty Halloween Inspired Journal is ready!

You can totally customize it according to your taste like you can use only Boo Stickers or Pumpkin Stickers. I love the Halloween Night Theme one! I am using this Journal on the side of my Office Table along with some Halloween Pencils.
Definitely give this easy DIY a try, I am sure you or your kids will love this 2 minutes Halloween DIY. If you try this DIY, then do share your pictures with us! For more Halloween Posts stay tuned with Khushi's World!!
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Happy Halloween! 👻
Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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