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Binders are one of the important parts when it comes to organizing Paper. I love using Binders to keep all my documents, notes and paper organized. There was a time when Binders looks so plain but nowadays in the market, you will find decorative and colorful Binder which looks so beautiful. But they cost little extra and what about the plain Binders which we already have? Well, we have to do something!
In today's post, I am going to show you how you can give a completely new look to the Plain Binder within 1 minute. As you all know I love 1 Minute DIYs. We are going to make a DIY Boho Binder Cover. Very easy to make and you can totally customize it according to your creativity! Let's see what we need to do!!


DIY Boho Binder Cover

All your Need:-

  • Binder (Transparent Front Opening Pocket Binder)
  • Boho Paper Sheet
  • Scissors

Making Process:-

Step 1. Remove all the ad paper (which comes with binder) from the front and side pockets of the Binder.
Step 2. Cut your Boho Paper Sheet according to the size of your binder (front pocket).
Step 3. Gently slide the Boho Paper into the front pocket of the binder.
That's it! Within a minute you gave your Binder a new look. Your DIY Boho Binder Cover is ready!

Note:- Don't forget to buy a Binder with have Transparent Front Pocket. Below picture is an example-

With the same technique so can decorate any Binder. I want simple and Boho look that's why I am using Boho Sheet. You can totally customize it by adding Your Name, some Stickers, or different types of Craft Sheets. Be creative and be you!
I hope you like this 1 Minute DIY! If yes, then please let us know and also do share your recreation pictures with us.
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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