Alphabet Beaded Bracelet | Back To School DIY

Looking for a stylish and customized DIY Bracelet with letters, then this Alphabet Beaded Bracelet DIY we are sharing today is perfect for you.

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Happy Friendship Day To all. I remember we used to give friendship day bands to our friends in school. With Back To School Season also going on I thought why not make something which you can give make yourself and give your friend as a lovely gift. You can also make this DIY for yourself.  You can use your favorite words to make Inspiring Bracelets like BLESSED, HOPE, etc. Let's see how to make it!!!


Alphabet Beaded Bracelet | DIY

All You Need -

  • Alphabet Beads (small-sized)
  • Black Beads (small-sized)
  • White Beads (small-sized)
  • Golden Beads (small-sized)
  • Red Beads (small-sized)
  • 1 mm Clear Elastic Cord 
  • Scissors 

I am using 3 different types of Alphabet Beads; one is in black round shape, second is in white round shape and the third one is in white square shape.

Making Process -

Step 1. Measure Elastic Cord by wrapping around your Wrist to get your bracelet size.
Step 2. Cut it 2-3 inches extra than the measured size. We want extra Cord for working with it.
Step 3. Secure one end of the Cord (so that beads don't slip) and start working on another end. You can use the old Notebook and secure one end of the Cord with Clear Tape.
Note - Here I am making three Bracelets; Good Life, Blessed, and XOXO Bracelets. The process is the same for each.

Step 4. For BLESSED Bracelet. Start adding Beads one by one on the cord, first add all the Alphabet Bracelet together shows as Blessed then add few Black Beads, then Gold Beads then some White Beads.
Step 5. Repeat the same pattern with the Black and White Beads, till you get the bracelet according to your hand size.
Step 6. Now just check by wrapping the bracelet, whether it's coming on your hand properly. If you feel there are more or fewer beads you can add/remove beads accordingly.
Step 7. Using both the ends of the cord, make 3-4 knots to properly tie the bracelet.
Tip:- You can even use little Glue to secure the knot permanently.

Step 8. Cut any extra cord if remaining. Bracelet is ready!
Step 9. Do the same process for GOOD LIFE Bracelet for which I used Black, White, Golden, and Black Alphabet Beads.
Step 10. Again do the same process for XOXO Bracelet for which I used Black, Red, and White Alphabet Beads.
Your beautiful Alphabet Beaded Bracelets are ready!! I like to wear all three together.

Note - You can buy Beads using this link and Elastic Cord using this link.

This is the perfect gift for your Kid' School Friendship Day Celebration. I am sure kids and their friends will love this personalized Gift. You can even throw a little party for kids at your home where they can make this easy DIY Bracelet.

If you and your kids like this DIY then do share your feedback with us!! Also, share your Kid's recreation pictures with us, will post them on our website.

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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