January Favorites | 2018

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OMG! first 2017 passed and now already one month passed in 2018!! Life is moving so fast!!! It made me released how important is to enjoy each and every day in life, otherwise each day will pass just like this. Well people who feel that they didn't start their 2018 resolutions and it's already one month over, I just want to say please don't be disheartened. We all need a month to Plan and Adjust, there are still 11 months left. :)
In today's post I am sharing my January Favorites of 2018. This month was relaxing month for me as it had extreme cold weather!! Let's see what is in the list and please share you favorites in the comments section so I can read them!! Let's Begin!!!

January Favorites | 2018

Fragrance :-

1. Estee Lauder Modern Muse Chic Perfume
This perfume is a mixed of fruity and flowery fragrance. I like the bottle shape too; small and light. If you like Jasmine, Lily and Orange then this smell will suit you. One of my favorite for this month. Click to buy from Amazon.

2. New York Blossom Perfume by New York & Company
This perfume I got from New York & Company, only because it looks very cute. But must say it smells also good! Very different smell, neither very fruity nor very floral, a vibrant burst of lemon zest and raspberry notes. It is not very long lasting on skin but in clothes it stays for very long period. If you are looking for fragrance which are not very pricey then give this one a try.

Skin and Body Care :-

With extreme cold weather, harsh wind and constantly with heater on, my skin started peeling off. My skin got very dry, sensitive, facing redness, irritation, dry patches and flaky. In short my Skin came in the worst condition so I made sure that I didn't apply any Makeup and keep it hydrated as much as I can. Below all the products which I am sharing which helps me to survive Winters.

a) Oils Of Life™ Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil by The Body Shop
I like to apply this serum in the day time. This helps to cure the dryness and nourishes skin. I think it is perfect for Winters as it gave me break outs in the Summers. So far so good let's see in future. Will do a Review soon for this Product. Stay tuned for that!! Click to buy from Amazon.

b) Almond Oil
This Oil became my life savior last month. I like to use this in the night. After washing the face, I spray some Rose Water and then apply Almond Oil and leave it overnight. This cures my dry-patches and reduces the redness. Click to buy from Amazon.

c) Face Cream : Pond's Crema S Nourishing Moisturizer
Although I am swear by The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream and also there are many other Hydrating Creams which I like. But none of them worked for me last month. I bought this Pond's Crema S Nourishing Moisturizing Cream from the Walmart, frankly did not have much expectations as I never heard any review of this Cream. But it surprised me with great results, when every single Cream failed this Cream helped me. I like to use this Cream in the day time whenever I go out as Oil becomes very uncomfortable in the Sun. This Cream is thick in consistency and keeps my skin hydrated for longer period.

d) Lip Balm : Vaseline Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly
I feel that in Skin Care I am back to basic. Apart from my Face, my lips also gets very chapped. I used Vaseline in my entire childhood but stopped using it after Marriage. May be because I love using new-new Lip Balms. But last month I again started using Vaseline, the only difference is that this time I used in Cocoa flavor. Very hydrating and love the smell. Click to buy from Amazon.

e) Body Lotion : Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion
So is the Body Lotion, again back to thick and rich Body Lotion. For me this Body Lotion is perfect, hydrates the skin but doesn't make skin very greasy and oily.

Entertainment :-

Books :- Nancy Drew Notebooks
It sound so crazy but I still love to read kids or teens books and love to watch their movie. Nancy Drew Movie is my one of the all time favorite movie. Last month I accidentally stepped to the kids zone in the library and realized that they have around 70-80 Nancy Drew Books. Nancy Drew is a detective and in every book she solves some case with her friends.
I read this two books, both are good. If you love reading kids book and love detective cases then give this book a try. The best part is that this books are very short so they only take half-one hour to complete.
a) The Hidden Treasures
b) The Best Detective

Movie :- Nancy Drew 2007
Although I didn't watch any new movie this month but as we are talking about Nancy Drew then I have to include it in my favorites list as every single month I watch 4-5 movies repeatedly which are my favorites and Nancy Drew Movie is one of them.

Stationery :-

1. Planners
I feel that planning and preparation are very important steps to achieve any task. If I don't plan properly then my life becomes super clumsy. For me my planners are my necessity.
Although nowadays there are many apps and even mobile calendar can work as a planner but I am very old school person who loves using Physical Planners. I love writing, decorating and dumping all my thoughts through Planners. Currently I am using the below planners, One is for personal and one is for Professional Use.
a ) Viabella Polka Dots 2018 Agenda
b) Timeless Creations Crazart 365 Planner

2. Pens :- Sharpie Color Pens
When it comes to Highlighters and Markers, Sharpie is my favorite brand. I never realized that they have their pens too. I was looking for nice colorful pens from so long which do not bleed or smudge and Sharpie Pens are perfect. If you love decorating your planners then give those a try. Click to buy from Amazon.

Store :- Super Target

Whether it comes to Stationery or Cleaning Items, Food or Clothes, last month was all about going to Target!! In our Target we have StarBucks and I started going there for Coffee, and then when I started shopping there I discovered so many great items. Target is always great but in our last home it was little far from our House so we preferred other stores.

Food :-

1. Chocolate : Skinnygirl Belgian Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds
 Dark Chocolates are my guilty pleasures. This is the new Chocolate which I tried, very delicious and low in calories. I definitely recommend this. Click to buy from Amazon.

2. Cheese Fritters by Inchin Bamboo
Inchin Bamboo is a famous Indo Chinese Restaurant chain in USA. Usually I only like to eat Momos as they are my favorite, I recently discovered their Cheese Fritters which are also delicious. Give it a try!!

3. Almond Milk Cold Coffee
Cold Coffee is my thing, infact I take Milk only in the form of Cold Coffee. From last few months dairy products do not suit me so I started using Almond Milk which is a healthy alternative of Milk for the people who are Lactose Intolerant or doesn't like milk. It tastes pretty good and I recommend to all those people who want something dairy free.

These are my January Favorites which I enjoyed throughout the month. I am very excited for February as it's time for Valentine's Day Celebration. Let me know in the comments section are you people also excited?? We will be sharing tons of Valentine's DIY in Khushi's World so stay tuned with us.
Also don't forget to share your January Favorites with me in the comments section. I hope you people will like this post!! If you want me do Review of the above mentioned products do let me know.

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Once again Happy 2018!!!

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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