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Happy Holi to everyone. This Holi we all will be playing with lots of Colors but do you know that the colors in the market is not at all good for your skin. This is definitely one of the reasons for many people avoiding the Holi celebrations. Today I am sharing my method of HomeMade Holi Colors. This is totally skin friendly and you can enjoy your Holi without worrying about your skin. Lets see how to make this eco friendly colors at home.

Home Made Holi Colors

Ingredients :-

  • All Purpose Flour (Maida)
  • Liquid Food Colors
  • Water for making Dough
  • Grinder
Note :- Ratio of the ingredients totally depends on you, how much color you want to make. I am using Half-Half cup Maida for all the Colors and used almost half the small bottle of Liquid Colors.


Method :-

Step 1. Take 4 different bowls (I am making 4 colors).
Step 2. In each bowl add half-half cup of Flour.
Step 3. Now we will work on one color at a time.
Step 4. In first bowl we are making Red Color. Add little water and add around 30 drops (almost half bottle of food color).
Step 5. Make a Red Dough and then Roll it like a Naan.
Step 6. Place this on a plate and let it completely Air-dry for 24 hours.
Step 7. In second bowl we are making Blue Color.
Step 8. Add half cup Flour, again add little water and Blue Color.
Step 9. Again make a Dough and then Roll it like a Naan.
Step 10. Place it in different Plate and let it air dry completely for 24 hours.
Step 11. Repeat the same process for Yellow and Green color respectively.
Note :- Work for one color at a time, use different bowls and wash hands otherwise colors will get mixed.
Step 12. Once all the Naans are dry, break that into pieces.
Step13. Grind each Naan into fine powder separately.
Your Home Made Holi Colors are ready!!

Note :-
1) I was not wearing Nail Polish while making this and the result it stained my Nails. Please either wear Dark Color Nail Polish or try to wear Gloves to Protect your Nails.
2) You can add essential oils also while making the dough to give the colors a good fragrance.

This process is much easy as compares to making Colors from Flowers and vegetables plus it is inexpensive.These Colors may not give the feel like actual Gulaal or Holi Colors but they are much much safer for your skin and also for our environment.  Do try and let us know your feedback.
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Happy Holi!!

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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