13 Tips To Avoid Woolen Allergies

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Winters is a lovely & cozy time of the year and I love wearing Sweaters during this time!! But sometimes in Winters I get skin rashes. Do you know that there are few types of Woolen which can give allergies to some people. A Research has shown that 10% of the people are suffering from Woolen Allergy. I also faced Woolen Allergy with few specific Woolens. If you are facing redness, dryness, rashes or irritation while wearing Sweaters then you may have Woolen Allergy too. According to Doctors people who have sensitive skin are more tend to face this problems.
In Today's Post I am sharing few tips to Avoid Woolen Allergies. I am using these tips personally and they work for me. Hope they will do the same for you.

How To Avoid Woolen Allergies

KW Tips :-

  • Always wear Full Sleeves Cotton Top inside Sweaters. This will avoid Woolen contact to your skin directly.
  • Use Olive Oil or Coconut Oil two times a day on Skin, this will reduce the redness and irritation.
  • Apply Thick Cold Cream or Lotion all over your body and keep it moisturize. As dryness on skin may increase the allergy.
  • Don't use gel based Body Washes as they can cause dryness. Try to use Cream based Body Lotion.
  • If you are using Soap then go for Mild Soaps.
  • Within 5 minutes of your Bath, moisturize your body thoroughly, this will lock the moisture for longer period.
  • Avoid Scrubbing your Body on daily basis as this makes your irritation worst.
  • Try to Use Vitamin E products, they are rich in consistency and help to fight with redness.
  • You can also use Glycerin based products.
  • Avoid wearing all the rough type of Woolens. They rub with the Body and cause dryness.
  • Always Wash your Woolen with Gentle Woolen Liquid Wash, this will help to soften the Woolen.

Most Important Tips :-

  • Always remember the more your Skin is moisturized the less it is prone to Allergy and the more it gets dryness, more easily it gets rashes.
  • There are so many types of Woolen available in the Market. Try to find out the Woolen which suits you. I personally like Cashmere as they are very gentle and soft. Plus it warms up the Body.

I hope you found the tips useful. These are very basic tips which I am using from past few years and it helps me alot. Remember these tips are like precautions which you can take. Again If you face Major Woolen Allergy then the best thing is to see your Doctor. They will give you the right medicine which should help you. If you have any tips then please share with us in the Comments Section.

Disclaimer :- 
  • We don't own the image used in this post. If those belongs to you and you’d like us to take it down, please drop a comment or a mail.
  • We are not medical expert or a Doctor. We are sharing the tips which works for us. If you are facing severe allergy then please consult a Doctor.

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