ULTA 12 Days of Beauty | Review

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In Christmas time many beauty brands comes with Surprise Gift Sets where you get packed gift boxes which you can open box daily for 24 days or 12 days. This Gift Set is given long before Christmas so that people can enjoy opening the Gifts daily till Christmas. In today's post I am Reviewing a Surprise Gift Set from Ulta Beauty Collection that is ULTA 12 Days of Beauty! I always want a Gift Set like this after all who doesn't like surprises!!
In this Review I am going to talk about the Deal and giving the Idea to Buy or Not to Buy. I will later share my thoughts for individual products in other posts as I just bought this product & have used only once till now. Let's see the quick Review!!!


ULTA 12 Days of Beauty | Review

Kit Includes :-

  • Tinted Glossy Balm (0.27 oz)
  • Duo Chrome Illuminator (0.11 oz)
  • Glitter Tears Eyeliner (0.27 oz)
  • Matte Lip Cream (0.04 oz)
  • Bouncy Blush (0.11 oz)
  • Gel Bounce Eyeshadow (0.06 oz)
  • Eyeliner & Shadow Crayon (0.05 oz)
  • Clear Brow Gel (0.17 oz)
  • Brow Pencil (0.03 oz)
  • Face & Body Glitter (0.06 oz)
  • Face & Body Gems (54 gems)
  • Metallic Lip Gloss (0.04 oz)

It Says :-

Ulta's 12 Days of Beauty is the perfect gift for yourself or any beauty enthusiast. Inside each box is a beauty surprise, featuring trendy and unique formulas designed to inspire your creativity!

About Packaging :-

It comes with Sleek Box Packaging where you get 12 different sizes of Box. Each box mention the Number on top of that, the Box comes with Pink, Mint and Rose-Red in color!! I didn't open each Box as it is as Surprise Box which you suppose to open on each day during the Christmas days.

Price-wise :-

It costs $18.
Here you will get 12 products which covers full face products! I think it's a good deal!!

Buy or Not to Buy :-

Buy It!!
If you want an inexpensive one and don't have any issues with Ulta Beauty Collection products.

This is my Review for ULTA 12 Days of Beauty. If you are looking for in-expensive one then this Surprise Gift Set is nice one, just make sure that you give them in advance!! If a person is not into the Makeup then you can also give them other gift sets like Skin Care or Tea Set!! Every company comes with their Surprise Boxes.

Note :- This Review is not sponsored by anyone and its solely my personal opinion and experience.

I hope you people found this Post useful and got some Idea about this Holiday Set, please share your valuable feedback with us!! Also show your love by liking and sharing the post!!😊 Stay tuned with Khushi's World for more such Reviews. Follow me on Khushi's World Facebook Page, Google+ , Instagram and Pinterest for more Posts.  I will see you in next post till then take care.

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