Pom-Pom Hoop Earrings | DIY Jewelry

Hello my beautiful girls! 😍
Festival season has already begin!! It's high time to wear our traditional and heavy outfits with some beautiful Jewelry. I love wearing heavy and traditional Earrings but sometimes it makes me so uncomfortable, as carrying heavy outfit with lot of heavy-heavy Jewelry is not easy. Specially if you are going to wear it for a long time!!
In today's post I'm going to share very easy DIY Jewelry which takes 5 minutes to make, looks super cute and the best part is it's very-very light weight!!
We are making Pom-pom Hoop Earrings! Oh Yes!! We are going to mix two trends; the one is Pom-pom and the other one is Beads. And How can we make our earrings without using Beads?? 😉 I am making this in Blue and Green Color to match my outfit! You can totally customize it according to your outfit!! Without further delay let's see how to make it!!!

Pom-Pom Hoop Earrings | DIY Jewelry 

All you Need :-

  • 2 30mm Earring Hoops in Golden Color
  • 12 small sized Pom-Pom in two different colors
  • 10 6mm Rhinestone Spacer Beads
  • 4 very Small Round Beads in Golden
  • Assorted Crimp Tubes (Optional)
  • Flat Plier (Optional)
Note :- All Links To Buy the Products in US and India are given at the end of the article.

Making Process :-

Step 1. Take one Hoop and first insert Small Round Bead, then add 1 Green Pom-pom, then add 1 Rhinestone Spacer Bead, then add 1 Blue Pom-pom, then again add Rhinestone Spacer Bead, then again add 1 Green Pom-pom and repeat the same process until it covers more than half the Hoop and end it with adding 1 Small Round Bead again.
Refer image if you have any doubt!
Step 2. Repeat the same process on the other Hoop. Your Hoop Earrings are ready, you can use them at this point or if you want you can do one extra Step you can follow Step 3.
Step 3. Once both the hoops get same amount of Beads then add Assorted Crimp Tubes and secure this with the help of Flat Plier. Using this Step your Beads doesn't move anywhere in the Hoop. This Step is Optional, you can totally skip this step.

Your Beautiful Pom-pom Earrings are ready!! You can wear this with your Kurtis, traditional outfits or even with western outfits to give Indo-western look.

Note :- You can choose any size of hoop, beads and pom-pom. I am using in smaller size. Just make sure that your beads and pom-pom are of the same sizes otherwise it looks weird (means don't use too big pom-pom with too small beads). I'm making it in green and blue color but you can choose whatever colors you want and also Step-3 is optional.

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I hope you like this easy Pom-Pom Hoop-Earrings. Make in variety of colors for yourself and you can even give this as a gift to your friends and family. I'm sure they gonna love it!! If you try this Earrings then don't forget to send me your pictures with #KhushisWorld. If you have any DIY Jewelry request then please let us know in the comments section!!
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed


  1. Hi Ruchi...great idea. Will try to make something for my niece. Unfortunately, links you provided above are not working. Please check.

    1. Thanks a lot. Do share your pics with us once you try it. We have corrected the links also so that you can easily find the products.


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