Secret Of Microwave Cleaning With Vinegar

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Microwave is one of the most used electronics in every home nowadays. Although we use it too much many of us don't clean it often. Cleaning microwave is very important as every time we heat food, the smell of the older food residues from the microwave gets attached to our fresh food. Today's post is an easy hack to clean your microwave. This hack will not only clean your microwave but also make it smell free. This is no mess effort and also very less time-consuming. So don't wait for another day to clean it, you can do it now itself.


Microwave Cleaning With Vinegar

All You Need:-

  • White Vinegar
  • Water
  • Microwave-safe Bowl
  • Wipe to clean



Step 1. Mix equal amount of Water and White Vinegar and put it in the microwave-safe bowl.
Step 2. Put this bowl in the microwave and heat it for 5-10 min depending upon how your microwave is.
Step 3. Once the timer is done don't immediately remove the bowl. Let it sit inside for 2-3 minutes as the steam coming out of this mixture should stay inside the microwave.
Step 4. Take out the bowl and now you can rub the microwave easily with any damp cleaning cloth. The steam will help to remove the food residues and dirt which gets stuck to the microwave walls very easily. It also takes out all the bad smell from the microwave.


Your cleaner, fresher Microwave is ready to use.
I hope you have liked this Microwave Cleaning Hack. Comment below if you have other good methods for cleaning Microwave.
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