Makeup Travel Kit | Summer Edition

Hello my lovely ladies😍
Summers are all about Travelling! I know that some Countries are having Monsoon and some are having Winters, here recently our Summers started. I guess this is the beauty of our World. It is so big which not only carries different weathers at the same time but also have so many Serene Places to see.
In today's post I am sharing my Makeup Travel Kit or you can say Must Haves for Makeup while Travelling. As we girls not only like to enjoy our Vacations but also wants to look at our best.
Remember people looking good in pictures is important as pictures always reminds us those beautiful time. But enjoying those Times with our loved ones is most important. Capture your memories not only with your Camera but also with your Heart!!

My Makeup Travel Kit | Summer Edition

BB or CC Cream

Instead of applying heavy foundation use BB or CC Creams, as they are lightweight & gives natural look. Perfect for Summer Vacation, you can even skip this if you have Foundation Compact. Also avoid concealer until unless you have very problematic skin and can't step out without it.


Go with foundation Compact like MAC Studio Fix. Compacts give you coverage & doesn't make you skin oily. I personally use only Compact on top of my Moisturizer whenever I needed otherwise I skip all types of Base Makeup.

Nudes and Pinks Lipstick

Summers are all about colors so don't forget your Bright Pink Lipsticks and some Nudes for day time. If you love dark lips then don't forget your Red shades for Night-time. I personally love different shades of Pink for both the times (AM and PM).

Tinted Lip Balm

You can totally skip lipsticks and opt for tinted lip-balm. It will give some colors to your lips and at the same time keep lips hydrated.


Take good Voluminous Water Proof Mascara with you to highlight your Eyelashes. This makes a huge difference and instantly open up your Eyes.


Try to skip Kajal but if you can't live without your Kajal then take Water Proof & Smudge Proof Kajal with you as end of the day you wouldn't want to look like a Zombie. I personally feel instead of Black Kajal go with White or Nude one as it makes your Eyes looks awake and bigger, plus incase your kajal smudge then you will not be end up looking like Zombie.

Eye Brow

Perfect Eye-Brows can makes your makeup perfect! Take Eye Brow Pencil with you, this is easy to use. Also instead of using Dark black color go with Brown or Granite shade as it will look more natural.

Blush, Bronzer and Highlighter Palette

Go with small palette which have all this 3! I will tell you why. This is not only multi purpose but also you can use it as an Eye-shadow for natural look. In Summer; it's better to avoid heavy Eye-shadows.


If you don't want to go with Trio Palette then go only with Bronzer instead of Blush or Highlighter. Bronzer gives you sunkissed glow. It highlights your face & works as a blush too. Don't take over dark shade of the bronzer as we want a natural glowing skin.

Makeup Fixing Spray

For long lasting makeup & Oil free face use Fixing Spray. I recommend using the MAC one as you can use this as a Primer too before makeup. Thus no need to carry Primers.

Sun Block

Although it doesn't come in Makeup but still it's important that's why I am mentioning it here. Don't forget to carry your Sun Block with you to prevent your body with harsh rays.

Nail Paints

Carry (or Apply before) some Summery colorful Nail Paints like Neon Pink, Tomato Red or even funky colors.


Also don't forget to carry one small travel size perfume which have floral-fruity fragrance. Floral-fruity fragrances are perfect for Summer.

This is my Must Haves List for traveling in Summers. If you guys have some tips then do share with us in comment section. I hope you find this post useful!! If you want to cover any other topics then let us know.
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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