How to Heat Multiple Bowls together in Microwave | Hack

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There is one very common problem many people face every day while using the Microwave. What if you want multiple bowls of soup together to be heated up in Microwave? What if you have multiple bowls, two of Dal and one of Kadhi to be heated up together in Microwave. Usually, domestic Microwaves doesn't have much place to even put more than two big bowls together. Don't worry today's short Hack will definitely give you the answer and your problem will be gone forever.


How to Heat Multiple Bowls together in Microwave | Hack

All You Need:-

Microwaveable Cup

How To Use:-

Put your initial two bowls in the microwave at one end as you usually place and for the last bowl put it on the top of the Microwave -safe Cup. Yes, it is that simple. Believe me, this easy trick will save a lot of time.


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