Hack to reapply Sunscreen without Mess | Beauty Hack #3

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We all know that Sunscreen is so important. While going out whether it is a sunny day or it is full of clouds outside, you should never go out without applying sunscreen for your skin protection. However each Sunscreen has its own SPF, what is means is how long it will be effective and we should reapply it again after that time. Today's post is related to reapplication. In today's post, I am sharing another easy hack for reapplying Sunscreen without the mess.


Hack To Reapply Sunscreen WithOut Mess

All you need to do:-

Instead of reapplying Sunscreen with your regular Sunscreen Cream, invest in a good Spray Sunscreen. Now, whenever you want to reapply on your skin just Spray and massage lightly. This is less messy and very easy to apply. So next time don't give an excuse just Spray and Enjoy.

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Next time do try this Hack and let me know what's your feedback. If you know any Hacks do share with us in the comment section. For more such Hacks stay tuned with Khushi's World.
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