Eat Popsicle Without Spilling on Hands | Hack

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I love Ice-Cream & who doesn't. From last few months, I am obsessed with Magnum Ice-Cream. If you love Ice-creams then do try the Magnum one. When I was a kid I loved Candy Ice-creams but the only problem is it melts so fast and I always end up getting my hands dirty with the spilled ice cream. I guess because kids can't eat that fast as we can eat now. :)
In today's post, I am sharing one easy Hack which helps to prevent getting your and your kid's hands dirty while eating Candy Ice-Creams.


Eat Popsicle Without Spilling on Hands | Hack

All You Need -

Cupcake Paper Cups

How to Use -

Insert Cupcake Paper Cup from the bottom side of the Ice Cream Candy & you are done. It stores all the liquid melted Ice-cream and prevents your hands from gets dirty.



Now from the next time use this Hack, eat and enjoy your Ice-cream Candies.
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