March Favorites | 2017

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Each day I remind myself that it's so important to enjoy life as days are moving faster. Time is passing way faster from the last few years; 2017 has just started and now it's April. I have no idea when March has gone!! I have told the same thing last month too but it is what it is happening. So enjoy and spend each moment of your life on the things you like the most.
Well! we are super excited for April and for the Spring. We have lined up so many exciting posts and ideas in April. We took a little break of 2 weeks but now we are fully charged and motivated & ready to be back in action! I guess this is life; we should keep moving.
This is our first April post. As you people know that I started sharing my monthly favorites since January this year, in this post, I am talking about my March favorites.

March Favorites | 2017

Makeup :-

Last month my skin became very sensitive and dry so I tried to avoid makeup. Still I have two products to talk about this month.

1. Lipstick :- Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in the shade Publicist Matte

Although I tried to avoid lipsticks in March still there is only one which I applied whenever I wanted to be very presentable. This lipstick is from Smashbox; very pretty & bold fuchsia color. Instantly makes you look bright & ready. Matte in finish & long lasting. Perfect for those days when you feel dull. Recently brought this, quite impressed.

2. Lip-gloss :- Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in the shade Sugar

When it comes to lips I don't like Lip-glosses. I prefer Matte Lipsticks! Last month was very drying & dehydrated that's why I gave a chance to a new Lip-gloss. Buxom is one of the famous brand when it comes to lip-glosses. The shade sugar is Nude in color & have little sparkles. It smells like vanilla and when you apply it, gives you a little sensation on lips. Not very sticky like other lip-glosses. You can either apply on top of lipsticks or wear separately.

Nail Polish :-

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in the shade 486 Grease Lightning & 316 Expresso

Last month I already talked about Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in the shade 316 Expresso. Still obsessed with this Nail Polish shade! I bought one more shade from the same range that is 486 Grease Lightning. It's beautiful dark grey shade; I always stay away with such type of shapes but now I'm loving this shade. Both the shades are very different from my personal taste but grateful that I tried some new shades. Love it!! To check it out!!!

Skin Care :-

In skin care I have quite products to talk about. They all are very hydrating and nourishing product as last month was pretty cold which make my skin very dry and sensitive.

1. Sleeping Mask :- Drops Of Youth™ Bouncy Sleeping Mask by The Body Shop

I already review this product in my previous posts. This is very hydrating mask; help me to reduce my dry patches. Love using this mask weekly!! Check out this product review here.

2. Facial Serum :- DIY

In one of my previous posts I shared one of the DIY Facial Serum recipe. I used this every alternate day to cure my dry patches. This is natural and effective remedy. Do checkout the post if you have not done yet.

3. Face Mist :- Vitamin E by Body Shop

I keep using this Face Mist throughout the days especially when I go out. This keeps my skin hydrated and soft.

4. Lip Balm :- Vaseline Cocoa Butter

My lips got too chapped and that's when I realized then it's time to go back to basics. Vaseline was the only thing which I used to apply on my lips when I was Kid. It's hydrating and make your lips softer for longer period.

Fragrances :-

1. Body Perfume :- Valentina Pink Valentino

I am a crazy perfume lady; I love collecting perfumes or in other words they are my weakness. Last month is all about Valentina Pink Valentino. Absolutely love using this perfume throughout this month. The smell is very floral & fruity. If you love feminine & girly kind of perfume then you are going to love this Perfume. It comes with pink matte Packaging; little different from other perfumes.

2. Air Freshener :- Sure Scents in Rose

I love when everything smells good; whether Car, Home or Clothes. Usually we use Air-wick or Glade Air Fresheners in house. Last time when I went to Dollar Store I saw this Air Freshener which is in Rose fragrance. Personally love Rose smells so I couldn't resist & brought this product. Frankly did not have big expectation from this product as I never saw this brand before. Very surprised after using this product, the smell is very pleasant & from Price Point it's only for a dollar. Love it!!

3. Car Scents :- Bath & Body Works Scentportable & Watermelon Lemonade Refill

Till now we have tried so many car scents but none of them impressed us. But this one is different. We bought Bath & Body Works Scentportable & three refills to try with. This month we started with Watermelon Lemonade. Wow what a fruity & summery fragrance. Last long everytime time we enter the car the fragrance is always there. Doesn't need to put it with air vent making it more easier to use it. I have bought others too (Mango Dragon-fruit & Stress relieve Eucalyptus Spearmint) & will surely share their reviews in the upcoming posts once I use them.

Entertainment :-

Audio Book :- Harry Potter

I don't get much time to read; just completed my last book which I was reading; Mrs Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna. That is really nice and light-hearted book as I already talked in my February favorite. This month during my regular household cleaning I thought to listen something. Never experienced Audio-books so thought to give it a try. I am a very big fan of Harry Potter Movie Series. When I saw harry Potter audio book in Hindi I couldn't resist and started listening. I listened its first and second part books!! Oh my God! Such a great experience!!! I'm so surprised that I never tried Audio-books. You can do your work while listening and the way they talk and express is very very impressive. Love the idea and love both first and second parts of Harry Potter Audio books. There is so much which we didn't see in the movie. Do try guys!

Food :-

1. Jam :- Kissan Mixed Fruit Spread

During childhood bread Jam was one of my favorite breakfast especially in summer when during vacations. After college whenever I have to eat bread I either eat with butter or if I have sweet-tooth then use Nutella. Recently I saw Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam in Indian store which used to be my favorite. Thought to buy to see whether I still like it or not as it's been so many years, never eating bread-jam. So shocked after eating this that how come I never eat this after college. I felt nostalgic remembering the childhood & those Golden Days of life. Really enjoying eating Bread-jam especially on weekend mornings.

2. Snacks :-
a) Wonderful Roasted & Salted Pistachios.

I love dry-fruits specially Pistachios!! This is Californian made Pistachios and they are excellent source of vitamins & minerals making it a nutritious snack. I usually kept small packets which I can carry in my bag for anytime when I feel hungry & need energy. They are very cranchy & tasty!!

b) Fritos Corn Chips

This is my all time favorite chips!! They are gluten free & made from only three ingredients Corn, Oil & Salt. I felt the taste is good and small packaging makes it convenient to carry around.

3.  Drink :- Rosie Lassi

From the time I made this Lassi, me & my husband are obsessed with it. Very Refreshing & easy to make! Ideal for Summer!! If you are following us we have shared our recipe of Rosie Lassi during Holi Special Series. Check out the recipe here.

4. Fruit :- Pineapple

I love Pineapple! Recently found Super Sweet Pineapple in the market here. They are more sweet & delicious as compared to regular ones. Love it!!

Fashion :-

In fashion I have only two things to talk about the one is hang bag and the other one is sport shoes.

1. Handbag :- Guess classic Black

I got this Guess Handbag from Macy's last October. This is medium sized handbag with classic black color and have detailing of G all over the bag. The size is perfect neither very big nor too small. Love using this bag, it goes with every outfit and have so much space. I think a good black handbag is a must for a girl!

2. Shoes :- Champion Sport Shoes

When it comes to Sport Shoes I either use Adidas or Nike as it's very important that your sports shoes are very comfortable. Few months back my husband bought two new sport shoes one for him and one for me for a couple matching look. 😉 It was from the brand Champion. Usually in winter I wear Boots so didn't get a chance to wear them. From last month I started using them. This shoes changed my opinion on sport shoes. This is so damn lightweight, you literally don't feel anything and very very comfortable. I never used Champion before so not aware from there shoes. Absolutely in love with the shoes and in future will buy more shoes from this brand. The price range of the brand also is quite reasonable. Guys give it a try!

Stationery :-

Pens :- Colorful Ball Pens

I am a collector of Stationery Items. Love collecting Pens, Pencils & other items. When I was in India I had so much of stuff. Here in US somehow I was not getting good pens for writing. Recently I tried Pens from Dollar Store & I liked them a lot. They all are different in color which makes my Planner colorful. Really like these Pens; must say don't underestimate the value of $1 😂

This is all of my March Favorites. I know the post is too long as I have so many products to talk about. Hope so you have got some idea about these products. In comment section do let me know your March favorites. I love to read them! If you have any post request then let us know. I will see you in another post!! I hope you guys like our upcoming Posts as we are very excited & have planned so many good posts idea.
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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