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There is one fruit which you can't miss when it comes to Mocktails!! For me that is Queen of Fruits from which you can make so many different types of Mocktails. That fruit is Strawberry. Yes we can't ignore Strawberries.
Today we are presenting a Berry Fizz Punch Mocktail in which Strawberries is the key ingredient. This drink is easy to prepare & at the same time very refreshing & delicious. And of-course eye catching too! Enjoy this summer with this lovely yummy Berry Fizz Punch. Lets get started.


Berry Fizz Punch Mocktail Recipe

Ingredients :-

  • 4-5 sliced Strawberries
  • 2 scoop Vanilla Ice-Cream
  • 4 tsp Strawberry Syrup
  • Half glass Lemonade

Method :-

Step 1. Take a Martini Glass.
Step 2. Decorate the Glass with Strawberry syrup on the inner sides.
Step 3. Now add Strawberry syrup in the bottom of the glass (around 3-4 tbsp).
Step 4. On top of that add 2 scoop Vanilla Ice-Cream.
Step 5. On top of that add sliced Strawberries. We are preparing layers so make sure that your Ice-Cream is properly covered.
Step 6. Slowly add Lemonade on top of the Strawberries. You will see that ice cream comes on top of the glass because of fizziness.
The Berry Fizz Punch is ready. Garnish with the Strawberries and served immediately.

Note :- Always serve this immediately. If you want to prepare in advance you can decorate the glass & fill with Strawberries & Ice-cream. Keep it refrigerated! Now whenever you want to serve just add lemonade on top of that.

I hope you and your family will love this drink. If you try this then don't forget to share your pictures with me. Love to see them!!
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