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Holidays are not only about beautiful Weather, Parties, Tasty Food but also about lots of Shopping Deals. Yes! Especially for people who like to do shopping, this is a great time. Every Brand Company comes with its own Holiday Collections & Discounts. Deals are very tempting but at the same time very confusing.

BuyMakeUp Products Like a Pro -

This year was my First Year when I decided to do Makeup Shopping as you guys know I recently started doing makeup. Initially, I was very excited about shopping. But lately, I got overwhelmed with the Deals & Discounts. As it is difficult to choose the best one from all the Good Deals.

After a lot of research & searching, I finally bought some of the great collections this Holiday which I feel will be best for my style. I guess there are many people here who are new in this area & getting overwhelmed just like me. This thought provoked me an Idea for this Post to list below some of the Tips which I used for Shopping. Hope you guys will find these tips useful.

Here come the Tricks -

1. Target Limited Editions! 
Regular collections from the Brands will be available throughout the year but Limited Editions will not last longer & maybe not available in the future again. So Target Limited Editions first.

2. Know what You Like!! 
Before going out for Shopping it is really important that we know what we exactly like. For e.g. I love Lipsticks so I started with Lipstick deals. Also, I didn't have any Eye Shadow Palettes so I looked for them too. Thus decide your Area of Interest & then look out for Deals; Prioritize Your Shopping!!

3. Gift Sets are Real Steals! 
Most of the Companies come with their Gift Sets which is a combination of their multiple products kept together. Some of them are Full sizes & some are Travel sizes. However overall if you see prices of Gift Sets they are lesser as compared to buying individual items (included in Gift Sets).
Like Benefit Sassy Lassie Gift Set where the price of the complete Gift Set in the US is $39 & Actual prices of all items combined are $94. So grab your Gift Sets, sometimes we should Gift ourselves too. :)

4. Parameters to decide Gift Set Usefulness!!
 Price is definitely a factor but should not be the only one to decide on the Gift Set Usefulness. My tip is to identify if at-least 60% of the items in the Set are Useful to you & you like them, the gift set is worth it for you.

5. Travel Sizes / Mini Sizes are your Friends! :)
 There will be many Mini/Travel size Gift Sets during this time. Some people will think that they are not worth it because of fewer Quantities. But trust me! it is much better to try Travel/Mini Sizes first for new Products. If you like them you can always buy their Full Sizes later & also you get the chance to try more varieties in Less Price.

6. Check your Style!
All the deals are very tempting & from Price point also they are worthy enough but are all those Products really will be used by you?? For e.g. the Makeup trend is changing every day; Now it is not a 9-to-5 Makeup trend. The market is full of funky color Lipsticks like Blue, Violet, Green, etc. They are very bold colors!! If you love bold & does Experiment with your Makeup then these Deals will be Useful for you but if you are a Natural or Basic Makeup lover then these deals are not for you. Thus, Shop but don't Over shop!!

7. Waiting is equally Important!
You targeted Limited Editions, got to know what you Like, planned the right Gift Sets, understood your Parameters, checked your Styles & now everything is done.
You are ready with all the List of Makeup Products which you want to purchase but Wait!! Apply 10 hours Rule first. Wait for 10 hours & again check your List. This way you will make sure that you have the correct Products & you are within your budget too.

8. Every Penny Counts!!
Last but not least little Extra Discount at the end can make your day. Check products on all sites for the right Discount before you buy. There are many cashback websites like Rakuten (US) where you will get Cash Back on your Purchase.

All of the above Tips are my Useful Tips which I applied during my Holiday Shopping. I hope you found these Tips Useful too. Do try & let me know your feedback!!
If you guys have some more tips then do let me know too. You can also Comment below.

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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