Blackhead-Whitehead Remover Peel-off Mask

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Three common problems almost every girl face in this world are Facial Hair, Blackheads & Whiteheads. And each one of them wants to get rid of this problems for which they do expensive methods & spend a considerable amount for beauty parlor. Don't worry I have a solution for you guys and that too a natural solution for all this problems. The solution is a mask; an effective and easily made mask.
This is a highly requested mask from many of you. I would be glad to take more requests from you. You can contact me on any of my social media for the requests.
There are just two ingredients required for the mask. It is easy to apply & highly effective in terms of both cost & results.

So without further delay, lets get started.

Natural ways to remove Blackheads, White Head & Facial Hair

All you Need :-

  • 1 tbsp Unflavored Gelatin (I am using the whole sachet)
  • 2 tbsp Milk
  • Microwave safe Bowl 
  • Face Brush (optional) 

How to Make :-

Step 1. Take Microwave safe container.
Step 2. Mix Milk & Gelatin powder in the container properly until you will get thick consistency. (it may harden to mix with cold milk, be patient)
Step 3. Microwave the mixture for 10-12 seconds.
Step 4. Now remove this mixture from the microwave & start applying.
Note :- Don't over heat the mixture.

How to Apply :-

Step 1.  Use face wash to clean your face.
Step 2.  As soon as you remove the mixture from the microwave, you have to apply it fast.
Note :- Make sure the mixture is not so hot but at the same time don't let it become cold.
Step 3. Start applying a thick coat of the mixture to the affected area. If you want you can apply the mixture all over the face.
Step 4. Leave the face mask on your face for 15 minutes.
Step 5. Once the pack is dried completely, Peel off the mask. It should come off very easily.
Step 6. Now wash your face with lukewarm water, make sure there is no left over mask.
Step 7. Follow with cold water.
Step 8. At the end, apply good moisturizer.
Note :- If you have sensitive skin you may feel that your skin have become light red but after few minutes it will become normal so don't worry.

Points to Remember :-

1. This mask smell awful!! Seriously! Awful, but results are simply great.
2. You have to work very fast with the mask as it hardens quick.
3. Never apply this mask under the eyes or any sensitive areas.
4. Apply 2-3 coats of mask to get thick peel-off, this will help to remove mask easily.
5. Be careful while applying the mask on the areas with excess hair like side burns, upper lips. Those areas will be painful while removing.
6. If you have sensitive skin you may feel that your skin become light red but after few minutes it will become normal.
7. Remember always do a patch test with packs/masks or creams whenever you are applying it on first time.

Benefits of the Pack :-

  • It removes blackhead & whiteheads.
  • It removes dead & dull skin. 
  • It will remove small facial hairs.
  • It cleans all your pores.
  • Your skin becomes super soft.

I hope you have liked this home made pack. Do try it & let me know how it works for you. Share it with your friends & family.

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