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Hello, my beautiful girls :)
OMG!! Finally, here I come with the final post of my Choker Series. Really enjoyed & learned a lot while making so many different kinds of Chokers.
I am so glad for all your appreciations. This is the 7th & the last of Choker in the series which I am going to share today.
As you can see my post name it's just 1-minute Choker. Yep Yep! It's true, this Choker will not even take a minute to make. You don't need any tools & it takes only 3 supplies. So just spend 1 minute of your time & make your own beautiful DIY Choker Necklace. Do try & let me know.
Let's get started!!!


1min Choker Necklace DIY


All you Need :-

  • Leather Cord 
  • Pendant
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape (Optional)


Making Process :-

Step 1. Measure your Leather Cord according to your Neck size & cut it with the help of Scissors.(You can use measuring tape also if you want)
Step 2. Insert Pendant in the Cord.
Step 3. Now whenever you want to wear, simply make a knot behind your neck.
Done !! Your beautiful Choker Necklace is ready within 1 minute.

No tools, No Jump rings nothing!! I hope you love this extremely easy Choker easy to make under a minute.
And here my ends my Choker Series. I hope you guys enjoyed this series. If you guys have any special requests for some other DIYs do let me know.

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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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