Perfect Polka Nail Art | Nail Art Hack #1

Hello my beautiful gals 😊
Polka Nail Art is my favorite among all Nail Art. It's very trendy & very retro at the same time. Sometimes we see, 'Oh! this Polka Nail Art is so nice why don't I try it' & then I get to know that for this we have to follow only 20 steps. Common!! Not everybody will go through all 20 steps & many of the people will drop the idea only by seeing those number of steps.
Not to worry today I am here to help you in this case by providing Polka Nail Art Hack. It will save your time & you don't need to have the Dotting tools present with you for this.

Perfect Polka Nail Art

All you need is just a Bobby Pin. With the help of tip of the Bobby Pin you can create Polkas on your nails.
Dip the tip of bobby pin in the Nail Polish. Put the drop on your Nails. Once it dries make your nail art complete with the Top Coat.

Note :- You can select the size of the bobby pin based upon the polka size you want.

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