How To Make Your Own Vintage Pearl Necklace

Hello, my beautiful gals :)
As you all gals have known that fashion repeats itself after every few years. Saying that I have seen so many Vintage Pearl Necklaces all over the market this year. Basically, these Necklaces are short in length but the pearl sizes are pretty big. I  really wanted this Necklace but usually, Vintage Jewelry is extremely expensive, so I thought why don't I make it on my own & also share it with you guys.
     This Vintage Pearl Necklace is extremely easy to make, it takes only 15 mins & trusts me gals it looks fabulous. So without further delay let's learn how to make it !!


Vintage Pearl Necklace | DIY

All You Need -

  • Blue big size Pearls
  • Small Crystal beads
  • Beading Thread
  • Needle
  • 1 Jump Ring
  • 1 Lock


Making Process -

Step 1.  Insert the beading thread through the eye of the needle.
Step 2.  Place the jump ring at the end of the thread & tie a knot.
Step 3.  Slide pearls & crystals alternately one at a time.
Step 4.  Once you get the desired length according to your neck, tie a lock at the other end of the thread. Properly knot the thread with the lock.

Your beautiful Vintage Pearl Necklace is ready.
I hope you gals love this Vintage look. Do try & share your recreation with me. :)

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