How To Perfectly Paint Your Nails

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Every girl loves their nails. On top of it, a beautiful nail art adds a glamorous touch to it. I also love nail arts & thus I have shared a lot of my creations of nail arts with you all through Khushi's World. However, anything that looks good requires a lot of hard work. Today I am sharing details of behind the scenes. I will not be sharing any nail art but will share how to paint your nails with perfection.
This post is for all who have ever dreamed of a perfectly polished manicure at home. So just give your 5-10 minutes & learn a perfect DIY nail manicure at home.


How To Perfectly Paint Your Nails

1.  The First & foremost step is to wipe your nails with Nail Remover so that you will get clean & clear nails.

2.  Roll the Nail Polish Bottle between your hands. It will help to get the nail polish mix properly & get a smooth paint.

3.  Basecoat is a must before applying any nail polish. This will protect your nails.

4.  Now its time to put your desired Color Nail Polish.

5.  Open the bottle, while taking out the brush wipe one side off using the neck of the Bottle. This will help not to take much of the product.

6.  I prefer to start nail paint from the middle of the nail. Then we can paint the right section & then the remaining left. Always take precautions & avoid touching the paint to your cuticles.

7.  Apply at least 2 coats. Once the first coat gets dry then only apply the 2nd one. This increases the opacity of the color.

8.  Once your nail polish gets dry apply Top Coat. This will give your polish finished look.

9.  In-case your cuticles also got some of the nail paints don't panic & remove the polish with using Acetone & Earbud.

10.  Dip bud in acetone & wipe of the extra polish from your cuticles. If you have a small brush it is better.

11.  In the last always use a cuticle oil & apply it on your cuticles.  This will help to moisturize the Nail area. In-case if you don't have cuticle oil you can wash your hands with water & apply good hand cream or moisturizer.

If you follow the above steps your Manicure at home will be no less than salon style. If you start following the steps regularly I am sure your salon trips will be reduced & you will save a lot for other priority things.

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