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How to make Pearl Rakhi | DIY Rakhi

Hello my lovely friends! 😍
" Behna ne bhai kee kalai se pyar bandha hai ,
Pyar ke do tar se, sansar bandha hai "
With this lovely song lyrics I am wishing everyone of you Happy Raksha Bandhan. Lets enjoy the festival of Raksha Bandhan with a DIY Rakhi. I have tried to make it simple so that everyone can try this. You can definitely add your creativity & variations to make it as beautiful as you like. So lets get started & give your brother a gift of  your self made Rakhi.


How to make Pearl Rakhi | DIY Rakhi

All you Need :-

  • 1 large Red Pearl
  • 2 White Pearls little less size than the Red one
  • 4 Red Beads
  • Few small sized beads ( Blue & White) 
  • 1 Red thick Silk Thread 
  • 2 White thick Silk Threads
  • 2 Jewelry threads 
  • Scissors

Making Process:-

We will make Rakhi in two phases to understand the process easily. First, we will create the center of Rakhi  & then both the sides of it.

Phase 1  Creating the Center Portion

Step 1.  Take two jewelry threads. Tie them at one end. Put a red bead on the other ends so that both the threads pass through its center.
Step 2.  Add 2-2 blue beads on each thread, then 1-1 of white beads and again 2-2 blue beads.
Step 3.  Now put a Red bead as Step 1.
Step 4.  Continue adding all the remaining beads as shown in the picture.
Step 5.  Once you add all items, you will end up getting a red bead on this end too. Tie this end. You can cut the remaining of the thread from both the sides.
Step 6.  Your center part of Rakhi is ready.

Phase 2  Creating the lace of Rakhi

Step 1.  Take 2 White & 1 Red silk threads. Cut them in two equal sizes ( for both the laces of Rakhi) according to your desired hand size. Tie them at one end & start twisting them the same way as braid Hair.
Step 2.  Once your braids are prepared to tie them with the jewelry threads respectively. To add finishing touch cut out the extra threads after the knot.

Your DIY Rakhi is ready. It seems complicated but believe me it is not. Refer the pictures whenever you are in doubt. Bring in your creativity & you can customize the Rakhi according to your choices.
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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