Minions Nail Art

Hello my luvly ladies 😍 (Banana)!! Yes today I am having Minion fever. Minions is one of the greatest animation I have seen & I must say they are my Favorites. After watching this cuddling minions I even love them more. This gave me a thought to make Nail Art on them; Minions Nail Art. I chose the most easiest & luvly ones with my added variations. Forget if they don't look exactly as the originals but I have definitely tried hard to put my creativity on them. By the way if you have not seen the movie do see it once for a good laugh. I hope you guys will like this. Without further delay lets jump into the post.

Minions Nail Art

All we Need  :-

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • White Nail Polish
  • Yellow Nail Polish
  • Blue Nail Polish
  • Grey Nail Polish
  • Big Dotting Tool
  • Small Dotting Tool
  • Ear Bud
  • Straw
  • Foil Sheet / Plastic Sheet

Method  :-

Step 1.  Apply a Base Coat to protect your natural nails. Leave it for one minute & let it dry completely.
Step 2.  Apply Yellow Nail Polish on your Thumb & Ring Finger. Let it dry.
Step 3.  Now take Blue Nail Polish, apply horizontally on the tip of your nails.
Step 4.  Once it's dry completely, on the rest of fingers, make yellow dots on the upper side of your nail tips by the help of big dotting tool.

For the Minion Eye on the ring finger

Step 5.   Put a drop of Grey Nail Polish on Foil Sheet.
Step 6.  By using Ear Bud, put a big dot on the center of your Nail.
Step 7.  When the grey is dried, with a smaller dotting tool, add white polish. Let it dry and then apply a black pupil with a smaller dotting tool.
Step 8.  With a Small Dotting Tool (or Nail Striper), paint two black rectangles on the sides of the minion head for goggles.

For the Smile

Step 9.  Cut Straw vertically & dip in Black color. Now put on the nail to make a smile shape.
Step 10.  For other Minion, repeat the same process as you did for the 1st one, only difference is the number of eyes will be 2 instead of 1.
Step 11. When nails are fully dry apply the top coat to give them a finished look.

Your Minions Nail Art is ready. Enjoy :)

Note :- Please refer to the pictures whenever you are in doubt.

I hope you like this Minion Nail Art. Do try this & don't forget to share your recreations with me using #KhushisWorld on Instagram, I love to see them.😚 Please like the post & share it with your friends and family.
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Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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