Bangles / Bracelet Holder

Hello my beautiful gals :)

We love bangles and bracelets don't we ? But it is so much of a pain to organize them. We can get velvet and other classy
holders in market easily but they all are costly. Using the same thought I am presenting bangles / bracelet holder made up
of reused materials.  :)

DIY : Bangles / Bracelet Holder

All you Need  :-

  • 4 Paper Towel Cardboard Rolls (2 thick , 2 thin)
  • 1 Card Board
  • Glue / Glue Gun
  • Colors & brushes to paint card-boards
  • Tape to decorate
  • Cutter 

Making Process   :-

Step 1.  Take two thick rolls of same size and paint them with black color.

Step 2.  Once the color is dry decorate the ends of the rolls with a tape.

Step 3.  Take the other two thin rolls. Cut one of them to make it little smaller than the other one. You can cut according to your size choice.

Step 4.  Paint the larger size one with sky blue color and the smaller one in navy blue color.

Step 5.  Once the rolls are dry ,decorate the ends again with fabric tape.

Step 6.  For Base take a cardboard & cut it in square shape, color it with light blue color & once dry use a tape to make its border.

Step 7.  Now all your rolls are ready.You can start sticking them together to make the holder as in the photo. Just make sure that rolls are stuck properly. Here, I am using Glue Gun.

Note  :-  Here I used shades of blue as I want to make it  blue themed holder.You can your favorite colors.

Your own easy to make Bangles / Bracelet Holder is ready  :)
Enjoy  :)

Stay Special .. Be Blessed 


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