Simple Corn Chaat

Simple Corn Chaat

Ingredients :-

  • 2 Cups Boiled Sweet Corns
  • Half chopped Raw Mango
  • 1 Onion finely chopped
  • 4 Chilies finely chopped
  • 1 tsp Chaat Masala Powder or 1 tsp Lemon Juice
  • 1 tsp Butter
  • Salt to taste

Method :-

Step 1.  Boil Corn & keep it aside in the bowl.
Step 2.  Add Butter, Raw Mango, Onion, Chilies, Chaat Masala & Salt. Mix it well.
Step 3.  Garnish with mint leaves & sprinkle some chaat masala on top of it. Serve.

Note :-  If you are enjoying Monsoon weather Serve this HOT otherwise if the weather is still hot serve this COLD. 

Stay Special .. Be Blessed  :)

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