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How to use Expired Shampoos ??

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There are many different types of Shampoos available in the Market. Sometimes we use multiple shampoos, one for Dandruff, other for Volume and another for Fizzyness.  While getting different shampoos are good however one problem which begins sometimes is that the Shampoo can get Expired or they are no longer suitable for our Hair anymore. Now we end up having the shampoo which cannot be used anymore for your hair.
I hate throwing the full bottle of Shampoos and that is the reason I figured out How we can use Shampoo even after they get Expired. After a couple of experiments, I found a few ways to use these Shampoos!! Let's see how we can use them!!!

How to use Expired Shampoos ??

1. Cleaning Woolen or Soft Clothes
Yes! You can wash your Woollen, Satin, Lingerie or Delicate Clothes with your Mild Shampoos. They are very gentle on clothes, cleans well and they smell too good after wash.

2. Wash Your Car
Fill a bucket with Water and add 10-15 tbsp of Shampoo. This mixture is perfect to wash your dirty Cars and give it a new shine.

3. Make Your Bathroom/Toilet Germ-Free and New
Next time instead of buying new bathroom cleaner try using your Expired Shampoo for cleaning. This will not only make the Bathroom New and shiny but also make it germ-free.

4. Utensils
Shampoos are gentle to the skin and with its cleaning properties, it also makes a great alternative for washing Utensils. Still, don't believe me try it yourself.

5. Counter Tops Spray
Mix gently shampoo and water in appx ratio of 10 to 90. This mixture can be used to clean your Counter Tops. Don't buy costly countertop spray if you have an expired shampoo at home.

6. Floor Cleaning
The combination of 1 tablespoon of Shampoo with 1 Gallon of Water makes a very good combination for floor cleaning. The floor will look bright and shiny like a new one after this cleaning.

7. Paint Brushes
Cleaning paint brushes is a pain. But we have a solution. Drop a few drops of Shampoo on the Paint Brush and clean the bristles thoroughly. Try to avoid Hot Water as it can cause bristle loss.

8. Carpet and Throws
Carpets can be cleaned with even expired shampoo. No need to waste money on carpet cleaning products instead use the expired shampoo and see the results.

I hope you found this post useful. If you try any of this do let us know in the comments section.
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