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Glitter Glam Nail Art

Hello my beautiful people 😍
Did you girls notice that this year every celebrity, brides and party-parrots caught wearing Glitter Nail Arts. This Glitter Trend is getting so much attention that every single Nail Art Salon is combining different Nail Colors with Glitters. Of-course we Girls love Glitters and Nail Arts too! If we get this easy Glitter Glam Nail Art at home then why to waste time on Salon.
In today's post I am sharing my version of  Glitter Glam Nail Art Madness. Here I am using Baby Pink so that it will not only go with my Traditional Heavy Outfits but also compliments my Casual ones. Trust me it's very easy to apply and lasts very long. For me it lasts almost 3 weeks. :) I hope you gonna love this Nail Art, so without any delay let's see how to get this look!

Glitter Glam Nail Art

All we Need :-

  • Top Coat
  • Baby Pink color Nail Polish
  • Cream color Nail Polish
  • Golden Glitter Nail Polish
  • Golden Glitter Powder
  • Brush to clean
  • Tissue Paper

Method  :-

Step 1. Apply Baby Pink color Nail Polish on all the fingers except Ring finger. Let them dry completely.
Step 2. Apply Cream color Nail Polish on your Ring finger. Let it dry!
Step 3. Place your fingers on tissue paper to avoid mess.
Step 4. Start with ring finger; apply top coat and now pour dry glitter powder on top of it until the whole nail is covered with glitter. Gently press it.
Step 5. Do the same step on second finger; apply top coat only on the lower half of the nail and pour dry glitter powder on top.
Step 6. Once both the nails are dry remove extra Glitter with the help of Brush.
Step 7. Now, apply Golden Glitter Nail Polish on top of Ring finger, second finger and then thumb nail.
Step 8. On 1st (Index) and last (baby) finger apply Golden Glitter Nail Polish only on tip of the Nail.
Step 9. Once all the nails are dry, apply Top Coat to give the finished look. You can even skip this step specially on those Nails where we have applied dry Glitter.

Your beautiful Glitter Glam Nail Art is ready!! I hope you love this easy Nail Art!!! Please share your recreations with me, love to see them. :) Guys do like the post & share it with your friends and family. Also connect with me on Khushi's World Facebook Page, Google+ , Instagram and Pinterest for regular Posts updates. I will see you in next post till then take care.

Stay Special .. Be Blessed

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