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In our life we all face Burns problem. Some time in Kitchen while cooking food, some time while Ironing Clothes, some time burning Candles. We are in hurry & accidentally we burn our skin. It can be caused by Fire, Steam, Sun, Electricity or any other kind of Heat. If the burns are minor we don't like to go to doctors & treat ourselves at home only. I already shared some Homemade Remedies for Minor Burns. You can check out that link here. But before doing anything we have to know what type of burn it is. As before putting any remedy we should know what type of burn it is. Burns are divided in 3 different categories and each category has different treatment. In today's post I am sharing the 3 Categories of Skin Burns.

Categories of Skin Burns

Burns are divided into 3 categories. They are :-

1.  First Degree Burns :-

  • Least serious burns.
  • Minor skin inflammation.
  • Redness of skin.
  • Slightly swollen.
  • Slightly painful.
  • Extend only into the outermost layer of skin.
First Degree Burns can be cured by Homemade remedies & over the counter medicines.

2. Second Degree Burns :-

  • They go deeper in the skin.
  • Deep Redness in skin.
  • Skin may appear blotchy, blisters.
  • Painful and inflammation.
  • It burns through two layers of your skin.
In Second Degree Burns we can use homemade remedies for time being but if burn is wider than three inches or very painful, you should call your doctor for medical help.

3. Third Degree Burns :-

  • They are the most severe.
  • They destroy the affected skin area.
  • It damages muscle, fat and bone.
  • It requires immediate medical attention.
Third Degree Burns are very severe & major burn. It requires treatment from a doctor as soon as possible.

If you want to check my Homemade Remedies for Minor (First Degree) Skin Burns Post then Click Here.

Disclaimer :- I don’t own the image used in this post. If an image belongs to you and you’d like me to take if down, please drop a comment or a mail. The advice here is not a medical advice.

Always take care of yourself and your family. If you hurt yourself and get a burn then for First Degree you can take home remedies but for Second and Third immediately see your Doctor.

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