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Hair Care Tips for Monsoon

Hi My lovely friends :)

Beautiful weather, tea & hot snacks, nice long drive & lot of rains. This is what a monsoon looks like. If you remember few days back I posted one article on Monsoon Essentials. Today I will share some important tips for your hair. 
A Research says  "Usually we lose around 50-60 strands of hair but during monsoons we lose somewhere around 190-200 strands” which is definitely not a good sign for your hair. This is because we don’t get pure rains as of old ages.
Rains now contains lot of acid that why it is called as acid rains now. You might think that wet hair is better than dry hair but believe me wet hair causes more hair problems than ever. Wet hair may lead to bad odor too.
Today I am sharing with you all hair care tips for monsoon which should definitely help you to avoid unnecessary damage because of monsoon to the hair & let your beautiful hair remain intact.

Hair Care Tips for Monsoon


Hair Care Tips for Monsoon - Khushi's World

1. When it rains save your hair first. Do not get your hair wet in rains. Even though I know it is difficult try to Keep it dry always. Also don’t tie up your hair after hair wash immediately. It will lead to more hair breaking.

2. Drink a lot of water. This cannot be emphasized anything further, the more water we drink the healthy our whole body will remain.

3. Limit your usage of hair dryer. Because of excess moisture in the air it is difficult to dry hair naturally but still keep limited use of dryer, also pat the hair dry before using it. Try to minimize the use of hair curlers & straighteners too. It will make your hair draft weak.

4. Keep your scalp dry & clean. Use a mild shampoo & conditioner that strengthens your hair from the root to the tip. You should wash hair daily if it is exposed to rains. Thus it is better to avoid rains & keep your hair dry.

5. Which type of oil to use in monsoon depends on your hair & scalp type. Oiling is also very important in monsoon for hair care.

6. Keep your hair trimmed & short if possible for easy maintaining & cleaning.

7. Have a healthy & balanced diet. Make sure to involved protein & minerals in your diet. You can have rich protein foods such as eggs, carrots, kidney beans, nuts, low fat dairy products etc.

8. Choose your comb carefully. First do not comb on wet hair. You can use a comb with enough space in between means a wide comb. Try to avoid sharing your comb with anyone else.
Till the end of monsoon I suggest to keep your hair simple, clean & avoid elaborative hairstyles until it is very much required. After all Your natural beauty is your best beauty.

I hope you guys will start taking care of your hair more & enjoy this monsoon too. Happy monsoon to everyone again. If you guys like the above post do join my FB page & Instagram. You can also connect with me on Google+ & Pinterest.

Stay Special .. Be Blessed


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